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Tell me it would be a bad idea to start referring to the National Park as 'Natty Park'

apple_pathways has put up her voice post, which means mine will go up uhhhhh (consults schedule) sometime tomorrow, I hope? So you have until then to give me things to say about Hawai‘i/in Hawaiian or Pidgin, as per my previous post. Those of you who've already made requests, you guys are awesome, hilarious, and evil. Rock on with your bad selves.

In the realm of Things That Are Not The Internet... tomorrow I will watch two months of my sweat, blood, and elbow grease and lost sunglasses, everything I've worked for, go up in flames. ...And I couldn't be happier~.

My primary work site of June and July was Kealakomo Waena, an experimental kipuka where we are attempting to determine whether we can successfully suppress alien shrubs and encourage native pili grass via controlled burns. My fellow intern slaves and I spent hours in the sun at KW running transects, measuring cover, shrub density, biomass, and fuels, checking on the vigor of marked shrubs, etc. Tomorrow we get to watch from the top of a cliff while the fire guys BURN THE FUCKER DOWN.

I am excite.
Tags: everything is better with fire, hawaii, job, meme, voice post
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