Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
Angela, Zolac no Miko

My brain continues to amaze

So I just had a dream where all the muns in Econtra were playing Hide-and-Seek in the Science Building, and Ankhi had us all sign up for hiding, and she assigned a couple of muns to be the seekers and gave them other people's characters at random, and paired the seekers up. I forget who the other seekers were, but one pair was Shadow and, I think, Atem (I think Ankhi was playing Shadow? Or maybe Atem?). We were given a time limit to the round and then we all scattered. Lauren and I ran off to hide together, but she was occasionally Cory instead of Lauren. The room I wanted to hide in was locked, so them I let Lauren/Cory pick the next place. By now the seekers were seeking, so we had to dodge them while looking for a place to camp. The Science Building was full of all sorts of walkways and stairways crossing open space, like the stairs in the Atrium but moreso, approaching Hogwarts complexity. And we would luge down ramps and it felt a lot like playing Sonic Adventure 2. And there were all sorts of narrow, pitch-black tunnels and crawl spaces. For some reason, no matter where we went, or what direction we turned, Shadow and Atem were always right on my tail. I told Lauren (she was Lauren at the time) it must be because he was her character, they thought the same way. I wasn't sure how this worked with someone else playing him, but I wasn't sure how else to explain it. We tried to hide in the Music Room (why the Science Building had a Music Room is beyond me) but it was in use, then we managed to get to the Photo Room (*shrug*). Someone else was in there, but we hid in a different part of the room (Lauren had become Cory by this point). It was pitch-dark in there, and we could hear Shadow and Atem come down the crawl-space/tunnel/ramp into the room. The shuffled around in the dark a bit, but didn't find us, and disappeared back up the tunnel. We waited for a while, then realized the round was up in 30 seconds, so we all crawled back up the tunnel to get back to where we started from. Everyone reconvened, and the seekers came back all grumpy from not having found anyone, despite having searched for four hours. And then apparently it was someone's birthday, because people started carrying in gigantic bowls of what was supposed to be Chinese food. And by gigantic, I mean you and several of your friends could swim in them, they were bigger than the nudity parfait. The one nearest me was some kind of cross between Chinese hot-and-sour soup and Japanese miso ramen. I spent some time serving soup to people who were too far away to reach the bowl; everyone was from different countries and for some reason the broth would turn different colors depending on the types of algae and pollutants they had in the water in whatever country they were from. Eventually I finished this and settled down to eating my own food. Then I woke up.

This dream was preceded with other dreams, which I remember less clearly, but they involved hiding in a cabin with my mother, and messing with a sun god by pressing buttons on a small, hand-held device on my back porch at home.
Tags: dream, econtra, lolwhut?, shadow the hedgehog, whitman college
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