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I believe I promised y'all some pictures? Well here you go. Pics of Shit On Fire, and then because I'm feeling nice an epic picspam of a few of the pretty places I've wandered around this summer. In chronological order, no less! Click to enlarge, but at your own risk; most of these were taken with my phone, and a few are a bit pixellated.

The view from Hōlei Pali. ‘Apua Point is off to the right; the larger grassy area on the left that's sort of split into two lobes is Kealakomo Waena, where I spent a large chunk of my summer doing vegetation surveys. This is what it looked like pre-burn.

Kealakomo Waena during the burn, zoomed in a bit.

And Kealakomo Waena post-burn.

Kealakomo Waena, workmate Stacey, me, and workmate Laurèen. Aww, yeah. Shit got burned.

Earlier this summer: me and Laurèen at the Hōlei Sea Arch.

Red lehua and liko, Mauna Loa trail, Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park (HAVO).

Stacey and Clermontia lyndsiana, an endangered Hawaiian lobelia, in East Kahuku, HAVO.

Gigantic purple ‘ohelo berries; one normal-sized berry included for comparison. DELICIOUS. East Kahuku, HAVO.

White strawberries. DELICIOUS. East Kahuku, HAVO.

Mauna Loa from the Nēnē Cabin, East Kahuku, HAVO.

Boss Mark with endangered Cyanea shipmanii; Mark is photographing a baby Clermontia lyndsiana. East Kahuku, HAVO.

Orange lehua, East Kahuku, HAVO.

View from the leeward side of Pālehua, Wai‘anae Mountains, O‘ahu.

Rock wall, pre-contact Hawaiian construction; Pālehua.

View from the windward side of Pālehua: Ko‘olau Mountains, Honolulu, Pearl Harbor.

ʻŌhiʻa lehua tree, koa tree, and me, and the view from the windward side of Pālehua: ag lands of central O‘ahu.

Boardwalk, Alaka‘i Swamp, Kaua‘i.

Red lehua, Alaka‘i Swamp.

Bog, Alaka‘i Swamp.

Kalalau Valley seen from Pihea Trail, Kaua‘i.

Kalalau Valley seen from Pihea Trail.

Alaka‘i Swamp seen from Pihea Trail.

The back of Waimea Canyon, Alaka‘i Overlook, Kaua‘i.

The back of Waimea Canyon from Ditch Trail.

Variegated lehua, yellow and orange, Kahuku Paddocks, HAVO.

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