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If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one~

So I wanted to go see a movie tonight, but there were two movies I wanted to see. So I decided to see both of them, because I am cool enough to see a movie by myself on a Thursday night, walk out of the theater, and immediately buy another ticket. I had a full hour's wait in between, so I sat on a bench in the empty mall and read White Collar porn. Gods bless Droid and 3G internet. Basically, a perfect evening was had.


First, The Help. A couple weeks ago I didn't know a goddamn thing about this movie other than what the movie poster looked like and the fact that it had a high rating on the Tomatometer. Yesterday I found out it was also number one in the box office, so I said, "Huh. Guess I'd better see the damn thing." Intentionally didn't look for more info about the movie; decided it would be more fun to go into the movie completely blind. ...Guys, this movie is fantastic, do see it. There were so many bits that had the whole audience laughing loudly and unashamedly, or applauding, or cheering. It had attitude and honesty, fear and love and sorrow and gut-busting laughter. It made me feel ashamed, and proud. It was humbling, and inspiring. Also, Emma Stone. ♥ And Allison Janney! ♥♥ Have some words: Jacksonville, Mississippi; 1960s; stuffed bear; fried chicken; chocolate pie; racism; rose bushes.

Second, Fright Night. Went to see it for the cast list and the Tomatometer rating. Came back totally satisfied. Guys, this movie is fucking charming. Seriously, it's just a straight-up feel-good vampire flick made of fun. And charmingness. Colin Farrell's performance is kind of fantastic; Anton Yelchin is mad adorbs as per usual; Christopher Mintz-Plasse is himself, which is to say, completely fucking fabulous; David Tennant is simultaneously the sexiest I've ever seen him and the very douchiest epic douchebag ever. ♥ The eyeliner helps. Also, "Let's kill something." look_alive, I think you're going to like this movie. Watch for when the eyeball pops; this shit's all about the details. ...99 problems and a bitch ain't one, but one of the problems is PEOPLE KEEP RUNNING UP FUCKING STAIRCASES, HONESTLY, WTF, NEVER DO THAT, Y'ALL SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

See the movies, y'all. They're nice.

Tags: david tennant, fright night, movies, recs, the help
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