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Listen up kids, you might learn something.

Felt like passing along some political current events.

-State of Hawaii officially recognizes Native Hawaiians as Hawaii's only indigenous people. Governor Abercrombie signed the bill on Wednesday. This may be a step in the direction of self-governance for Native Hawaiians; however, they must first be officially recognized by the United States federal government as an entity with the right for self-government, sovereignty, and self-determination (Native Hawaiians are the only indigenous group in the United States who do not have federal recognition). Senator Akaka has been trying since 2000 to pass a bill in U.S. Congress to do just that. ...Link takes you to news story with video, and among other things discusses why state and federal recognition of Native Hawaiians is controversial.

-President Obama presents American Jobs Act in a joint session of Congress. Link takes you to the full speech on YouTube (whitehouse channel). In theory it's also available on, but when I tried there the video stopped just before the fifteen minute mark and would not continue. ...Point being, theoretically there are other places to see the speech than YouTube, but even so I find it depressing that the video has only 304 views on YouTube. Come on people, get on that shit.
Tags: america, hawaii, obama, politics, youtube
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