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Yep. Still don't have anything to talk about besides television.

look_alive, bb, this is for you. ...And anyone who would appreciate some horror in their lives, but mostly for you. We're one episode into American Horror Story. Perhaps this can fill the Harper's Island-shaped void in your soul? I mean, it's less slasher, more supernatural, but there's a lot of fun genre stuff going on here. I'm hoping it's all going to go somewhere awesome and not turn out to be, like, the horror version of Lost, but I think however it ends up we're going to have a lot of fun getting there.

In other news, Red vs. Blue continues to show signs of being the best show on television, despite not actually being on television. We've got awesome script, awesome plot, a nice collection of well-treated, badass female characters, awesome characters in general, and HOLY SHIT THE ACTION SEQUENCES. I mean, S09E15, HOLY CRAP!! Just... just Monty's animation in general, it is so fucking beautiful oh my god, the world is so lush and rich and he does fucking crazy beautiful epic things with it, the camera angles and the way the characters move, I mean, knowing he does all his own motion capture makes it BETTER, and... guh, like Carolina and Wash walking side by side, and they're both head-to-toe in unisex armor but you can tell Carolina's a chick because of how she walks and moves, and the FIGHT SCENES and EXPLOSIONS and ashdkglasjdflskh ep was so badass I am going to watch it again immediately and cry happy tears of geektastic joy. ...Monty, Burnie, either one or both of you, MARRY ME PLEASE. I will provide you with a constant stream of caffeine and backrubs if only you will CONTINUE BEING AMAZING.

...In other other news... every post is repost repost (thank you for your contribution to this evening's flail, queenklu) and Martin Freeman is my VERY FAVORITE EVER.

Tags: american horror story, fangirling, flailflailflail, geekery, martin freeman, red vs blue, television, youtube
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