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Hawaii Five-0 S02E05

WHOOOOOOO GO RAINBOW WAHINE!! Probably most of the mainland male viewership is going, "Women's athletics, lolwut?" But the UH Women's Volleyball team is actually kind of a big deal over here. We're crazy about our Rainbow Wahine... they're way up there with, like, Warrior Football. It made me smile to see them written into the show!

Other things I loved about this ep:

-Danny bitching about, "Because that's what this island needs, more condos." HEAR, HEAR, DANNO, SO MUCH AGREEMENT. Also, does this mean he will have to move in with Steve now? BRING ON THE FIC.

-Ohmigod that scene with Lori and Chin was AMAZEBALLS~!! Especially DDK's face, ohmigod DDK'S FACE. ♥ ♥ ♥

-Chin rocks some hardcore Hufflepuff action. How can you say no to that puppy face??

-Steve, you are so emotionally damaged, hahaha! "I have all of these feelings and I don't know what to do, so I am going to yell a lot raaaaaaaahhhh!!!" ♥

-SLOW WALK. SLOW WALK!! I'm sorry, I fucking love this stupid show, it is just too ridiculous for words.

...Yeahp, so I was sorta right, undercover op. I mean, that really wasn't hard to call. I didn't figure on Steve being out of the loop. And now there are really no excuses for the team being all LAWL KONO, WHO IS SHE, OH WAIT SHE WAS PROTECTING THE TEAM AND THEY TOOK HER BADGE FOR IT, LAWL I'M SURE SHE'S FINE LET'S NOT VISIT OR CALL OR NOTHIN', so I'm still kinda annoyed at the writers. I'm sorry, I can't really buy the "We didn't know she wasn't okay!" excuse. OF COURSE SHE'S NOT FUCKING OKAY. So, yeah, thank you writers for making Steve and Danny look like DICKS. "It was necessary for plot!" does not excuse you, writers, this just means you are BAD AT PLOT, sorry. ...But everything will be fine now, yes? -so we can move on and pretend none of this ever happened. Yes? Okay.

The other thing I called? Before they even got all set up at the bank? I thought, "The very second this is over, Steve is going to punch Captain Frye. IN THE FACE." And he did! RIGHT IN THE FACE. :DDDD Because punching people is how Steve shows he cares~!

...Seriously though, no one else wants to give Kono a hug? Steve? Danny? ...No? Just Chin? ...WRITERS. THIS DICKISHNESS MUST STOP. NO MORE.

In my actual honest-to-gods real life (*gasp*)... went to the dentist because my left maxillary second molar has been feeling tender. Good news: it's not a cavity... and I can feel good about myself, because I have never had a cavity in my life, I take really good care of my teeth and I'm glad to know this is not my fault. Bad news: I have an impacted wisdom tooth that needs to come out. [SWEAR WORDS] ...I knew this day would come... but my bottom wisdoms have been behaving so nicely! I was hoping the top ones would fall in line... DAMN YOU LEFT MAXILLARY WISDOM TOOTH! ...So I have made a couple of appointments with an oral surgeon for early November, one for a consultation on Nov 1 and then one on Nov 10 for the actual real surgery where they will have to dig through bone to retrieve the damn thing. ): HAHAHA THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN, GUYS.
Tags: fangirling, h50, island life, television
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