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Meme time!

Stolen from apple_pathways:

The 'Strike Out Things You've Done' Meme

1. Had beer.

2. Smoked an entire cigarette.

3. Smoked a cigar.

4. Done drugs. (I know, I know, I'm such a prude/Goody Two Shoes. Fuck it, I like being in control of myself.)

5. Write on a bathroom wall. (Not technically. In college it was sanctioned and there was chart paper involved.)

6. Read a George Orwell book.

7. Had a physical fight. (Not actually, no. Sparring, yes, plenty, lots. ...Punched someone in the face once, but I don't think it counts as a fight if they didn't punch back, right?)

8. Used Twitter. (Only if having a Twitter and accessing other people's Twitters on a computer counts as "using" it.)

9. Listened to Lady Gaga.

10. Been in a car accident. (More than once. Luckily, so far I am always the one in the bus.)

11. Gotten suspended.

12. Gotten expelled.

13. Been allergic to something.

14. Got a computer virus. (Not to my knowledge?)

15. Touched a real gun. (Fired my Daddy's rifle. I'm a good shot!)

16. Have a dog.

17. Have a cat.

18. Been pregnant.

19. Camped out. (Pfff, have you met me?)

20. Swam in the ocean.

21. Wore a bikini. (Only kind of swimsuit I own.)

22. Driven a car.

23. Been sent to the principal.

24. Ever liked someone.

25. Failed a class.

26. Failed a test. (Technically? Getting a 1 on the AP Calculus Test is probably a failing grade, right? Not like it affected my GPA or anything.)

27. Went to summer school. (Again, technically? Took Driver's Ed over the summer. Also that one time before 9th grade when I took that college-level Paleobiology course at Loyola-Marymount.)

28. Got worse than a D. (Just barely. Fuck you very much, second-semester Organic Chemistry.)

29. Read an entire book. (HA. HA HA HA.)

30. Recorded my own music. (Okay, technically, yes. Somewhere in this house there is probably still a cassette tape from when I was three-ish of me and my brother singing some incomprehensible song about chicken feet, or chicken lips, or something, idk, something about chickens.)

31. Had an xbox.

32. Worn heels more than 3 days in a row.

33. Wore fishnets.

34. Wore skinny jeans. (I own a pair of skinny jeans, still not sure how this happened, Dar you are a terrible influence.)

35. Been in love.

36. Hated someone.

37. Been cheated on.

38. Cheated on someone.

39. Did something sexual with someone of the same sex. (I wouldn't actually say sexual, no.)

40. Practiced Christianity. (Never got very good at it, so I gave up.)

41. Worn makeup.

42. Lied to my parents about where I was going.

43. Had surgery.

44. Had my license.

45. Been to college or university.

46. Graduated high school.

47. Attempted suicide.

48. Worn colored contacts.

49. Painted my nails black.

50. Broken someone’s heart. (AHAHAHAHAHA.)

51. Had my heart broken.

52. Cried for an hour straight.

53. Lost something very valuable.

54. Got separated from one of my parents as a kid.

56. Gotten stung by a bee. (If by that you mean, stepped on dead ones accidentally. Ow.)

57. Eaten something bad/expired.

58. Threw up from being so drunk.

59. Saw someone throw up from being so drunk. (Spent hours holding her hair back. And then she got pregnant! There is a reason I drink in moderation.)

60. Danced with someone of the opposite sex. (Um. Frequently.)

61. Owned an ipod.

62. Owned an iphone.

63. Fell for a best friend.

64. Stole a friend’s significant other.

65. Went far away from home for more than a week.

66. Moved out.

67. Ran away.

68. Teased my brother/sister. (Constantly. It's how we say 'I love you', duh.)

69. Been to a hospital.

70. Had food poisoning.

71. Had a job.

72. Been fired.

73. Lied to a friend.

74. Lied to a family member.

75. Had a Facebook.

76. Posted a video on Youtube.

77. Started a rumor about someone.

78. Talked bad about someone.

79. Dropped out of school.

80. Deliberately failed a test.

81. Been skinny dipping.

82. Counted to a million.

83. Counted to a thousand. (Not that I couldn't. But why the hell would anyone want to?)

84. Ate rabbit meat.

85. Ate duck meat.

86. Had fast food.

87. Been to church.

88. Been to Canada.

89. Been married.

90. Had a divorce.

91. Broke a glass. (And it broke me. Think I won that fight, though. And the scar is bitchin'.)

92. Hugged someone today. (Home alone all day, haven't seen another person. Sad.)

93. Texted someone today.

94. Received a phone call today.

95. Threw something out of the window.

96. Ignored a text from someone on purpose.

97. Had my feelings hurt by a friend and never told them.

98. Wished I was somebody else. (Not seriously, okay, but haven't we all done this just a little?)

99. Gone on exchange.

100. Gotten drunk and made out with a friend.

Incidentally, that's 67/100. I guess this means I am an experienced person?
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