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Icon is relevant if you scroll down far enough.

Stolen from apple_pathways:

For all you comic nerds on my Flist. And everyone else, too. We don't like to discriminate.

I would dearly love to see an Apokolips holiday "celebration" of Anti-Life. WORST HOLIDAY EVER. ...Also I find it interesting that we have three heroes from Marvel and one bad guy, one of the worst villains ever, of all time, from DC. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY HERE, GUYS?

So what's new in my life.

Adorable Southern Boy Update (it will be a hilarious day when he discovers my Livejournal and finds out this is how I refer to him): Alex and I went on a Sexy Beach Date on Saturday. There were sea turtles, it didn't even rain on us, and I learned how to stand on a paddleboard. Alex was impressed by my mad not-falling-off skills... I fell off three times, and then I didn't fall off again. (Years of walking on railings at the peril of my elementary school administrators' frowny faces pays off!) Next stop: surfing! (Maybe.)

CHALLENGE: Kiss someone seated behind you without toppling both of you off of the paddleboard and into the sea. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. SUCCESS!

Later that evening he played with the Island Swing Band and I danced, and when the canned music came on at intermission we danced a little, and then I bought him a drink. After the party I was talking to James and Andolie and they were like, "That keyboardist is incredible! Who is he? Do you know him? We think they should have featured him more, he's fantastic!" I got to pass on their comments to Alex and he got all aw shucks embarrassed. It was cute. ^_^

And then this guy wanted to know more about our swing club and he gave Mom his card, and she was like, "...Wait a minute, I already have this card," and he turned out to be Rodger, our pilot from our Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour. The one where Mom and I ran the tour ourselves, and Rodger asked us to please please please contact him later so he could take notes. SO THAT WAS A HILARIOUS COINCIDENCE.

Alex and I will see each other again on Friday night when he plays for Jazz Mele, and we have vague plans for me to show him the good hiking trails in the National Park at some point over the weekend.

...Okay so what else. It's Thanksgiving week, which means today Maintenance brought in a backhoe and dug a GIGANTIC PIT behind our greenhouses for use as an imu. Tomorrow afternoon we're loading it up with about ten metric shit-tons of food, and Wednesday we'll take all the food out and have an awesome Thanksgiving potluck. For my contribution to the imu I cut up a breadfruit and an Okinawan sweet potato, put the pieces in a pan, and dumped a can of coconut milk over it; I have no idea what will happen but I imagine it will be DELICIOUS.

Finally, trailers.

We have two Snow White movies coming up: Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror Mirror.

SWatH has potential... it looks pretty bitchin'. Point for: Chris Hemsworth. Point for: generally stellar cast. Point against: Kristen Stewart's dismal acting skills. Point ????: director Rupert Sanders has... never done anything ever before this. What.

Mirror Mirror is a bit jarring in that it is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from SWatH in nearly every way. But check out the fabulous costumes... and the aesthetic in general, wow– oh, wait, Tarsem Singh is directing, that explains that. And, bodes very well for the quality of this film.

I find it interesting that, taking into account Once Upon A Time, there is a very strong contemporary trend for portraying Snow White as a pants wearing, sword swinging, rebel bandit BADASS. ...Awesome!

Finally, trailer for The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra:

How excited am I for this? SO VERY FUCKING EXCITED, OMG. We're meant to expect a sort of "Hong Kong in the 1930s" sort of vibe and, by the way, COOL. Also, I like the protagonist already. LOOK AT HOW BUTCH SHE IS. Also, Daniel Dae Kim is going to be in it. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE?

Okay, that is all, I am very tired, goodbye now.
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