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GRATUITOUS EVERYTHING, also have I mentioned lately that Steve and Danny are married?


Seriously what is this show. It is ridiculous. I do love it so. TT_TT I'm with queenklu on this one, FROM NOW ON OHANA MEANS CHOPPERS.

-I think it's really funny how North Korea looks exactly like Hawai‘i. Except sort of dimmer, for some reason. ...Seriously, pineapple fields? Seriously?

-I am seeing now the rationale behind the big weird SEAL-centric love-fest certain parts of this season morphed into. Still weird, but at least they had a reason. Because yeah, ilu Team but you would've been toast in Korea without some expert military backup.

-I am glad you are not toast, Team, it would've been very upsetting if you became toast, especially after CHIN JUST GOT RE-ENGAGED AA;SGHLSHLFJSLHGSKJDFHJSK!! \o/

-Okay, but what I am a little upset about is how the two female members of Team were sidelined. We have a bunch of burly men and two badass females, okay, two, and one of them stays in South Korea poking at a computer screen, and the other one sits up in the helicopter while all the strong menfolk run around in the jungle and get shot at. WTF. I mean, okay, at least Lori got to blow up a bridge with an RPG, that was bitchin', but COME ON. I mean, Danny's out of the question, but maybe Chin could've had computer duty? Or HEY, HOW ABOUT CRUSTY OLD GUY STAYS BEHIND. (New headcanon: Joe tried to assign members of Team to stay behind, and said members of Team threw fits. Team ended up drawing straws; Lori and Kono were the unlucky losers. NEW HEADCANON MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER.)

-I'm still glad I conveniently failed to include Jenna in my fic-in-progress. TOO SOON, TOO SOON.

-Oh my god I was cheering so hard for Wo Fat to escape, omg YOU HAVE NO IDEA, I AM SO RELIEVED. Motherfucker is a ninja! :D


...Okay, so in real life... it was sunny today! This is big news, okay, it's been raining practically nonstop since, like... October. And this is not your wimpy Walla Walla rain, okay, or your Portland rain, where you can walk around in the rain all day and not really get wet. This is get-soaked-crossing-the-street rain. ...But last night driving to dance class it was clear to both summits and Venus was visible amid gold-lit clouds, and this morning as I drove down Haihai the sun was coming up in blue sky and puffy white cumulus, and it was blue and gold and pretty all day in the Park, ohmigod it was wonderful.

Check out the view from Volcano House this morning:

Finally... in Dollhouse, when Alpha's Composite Event occurs and Topher's computer reads "Stream Overlap Error", do you think they were intentionally referencing Ghostbusters? (And wouldn't the world be just that little bit more awesome if they were?)
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