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Here's what's going to happen–!!

Okay so it's past my bedtime already and as usual I am underslept (there is really not enough time in a day to work eight hours and commute and do all of the things I want/need to do), but I'm going to do a drive-by post of THINGS, because if anything I am about to get busier. When the fuck am I going to do my Christmas shopping oh my gaaaaaaaaaaawd!! T_T

First off, Ted Maddry is here with his girlfriend Lea... he's here to teach a Blues workshop this weekend. Mom's on O‘ahu for work, so I picked them up from the airport and fed them and showed them the ropes. It was instantly clear that they are both fabulous people, as I have come to expect from the traveling Swing/Blues instructor crowd; I'm really looking forward to learning from Ted and to hanging out with them and showing them around the island for the next week. Ted bought us beer (Maui Brewing Company Coconut Porter oh my gaaaaaaawwwwd~!) and said some really complimentary things about my mother (that he's been hearing her name from everyone on the circuit as a workshop coordinator who is supremely excellent to work with, and having corresponded with her for this workshop he can now see why) that I hope he will repeat in her presence, because awww~.

So, yeah, I'mma be busy playing tour guide and Blues dancing and having fun, and then next week I'm going on a Waipi‘o-Waimanu backpacking trip with some people, which I am super excited about; with this trip and the Labor Day Mauna Loa summit adventure that's two out of three crossed off of my Big Island Backpacking Bucket List... now if I can only get Pele to cooperate so I can camp at Nāpau-! ...Oh man, and then I've got the Haleakala backpacking trip coming up in January... SO MUCH AWESOME HIKING YAY.

And now a list of Things To Flail About:

- For those of you who enjoy Red vs. Blue, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, the sillier bits of Doctor Who, and/or THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME, I highly recommend The Visitor from the Future (Le Visiteur du Futur), a French science fiction/comedy web series (don't worry, it comes with subtitles). The show is, in general, much like its title character: adorable, frenetic, and slightly insane (oh my god I have such a crush on the Visitor and his crazyface, for serious, SO IN LOVE), and it's full of time-travel shenanigans and robots and zombies and silliness. So. WATCH IT.

- My Chemical Romance perform "Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You)" on Yo Gabba Gabba... THIS IS LITERALLY THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. OH MY GOD. ...WATCH IT.

- So, that Michael Fassbender. ...Do I have your attention? THIS MAY BE RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS. And I quote, "Fassbender's upcoming NC-17 movie (out Dec. 2) is about a Manhattan man struggling with a crippling sex addiction. And it has what EW's Sara Vilkomerson called a 'staggering amount of full frontal Fassbender.'" As if this isn't enough reason to see Shame, it's apparently full of brilliant acting, brilliant directing, and a heartbreaking story, and is collecting awards left and right and praise from both critics and the general public. Photo of Fassbender flesh. Shame review and trailer.

- A water sports outfitter on O‘ahu just acquired two Jetlev Water Jet Packs. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THIS LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!! You can go thirty feet in the air with one of these! :DD

- You know that picture I posted in my Island Shenanigans Picspam post a few weeks ago, of that surviving piece of the Royal Gardens subdivision that I flew over in my helicopter? A couple days ago the local paper ran a picture of that exact same kipuka... with lava from the current flow encroaching from the top and setting fires. Ahahaha... sorry, Lava Jack, I think your lease is up.

- Kepler 22-b! The first Earth-like planet (as in, not a gas giant) that we've found in another solar system that is located in the habitable zone. This is exciting! :DD Now if we can only determine whether the planet is moist....

- As of December 2nd, Adorable Southern Boy is now Adorable Southern Boyfriend. Yay! ...And by "Adorable" I of course mean "Virile and Manly". (I am in such serious trouble when he discovers my Livejournal, oh god. DX )


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