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Bitches don't know about my run-on sentences.

We're getting to one of those times of the year where the ratio of Fun Stuff Filling My Life to Time I Have To Sit Down And Tell You About It tilts sharply toward the former. So, recap! I shall attempt to be brief. (HA. HA HA HA.)

So Ted's Blues workshop was super excellent and fun; first workshop I've taken as a lead... I feel accomplished! Having Ted and Lea as house guests was super excellent and fun, too. Seriously, best house guests ever, they were swift and sneaky about pouncing on things like dishes and laundry, aside from being polite and thoughtful and just nice people in general. I had a great time playing tour guide with them, too; we had a fun day at the National Park, and a fun day exploring lower Puna (and nice weather on both those days, too, which was a bleeding miracle), and I took them to the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Factory and Rainbow Falls and around the Downtown Hilo shops. And their last two nights we invited Amy over and Ted put on some music (which is largely the same as my music, apparently), and we enjoyed tasty local brews and played Candyland and Apples To Apples and I just barely beat Ted in an excellent game of Stratego and I introduced everyone to the fabulousness that is Bananagrams.

I snuck away on Friday night to go to the HAVO Employee Christmas Party, which was fun. My boss, Mark, was one of the guys in charge of decorating the Volcano House, and he and his buddies chopped down a bunch of faya trees and stuck them in the corners and strung lights on them. ...Morella faya is, btw, an invasive alien species, and one of the top two worst problems in the Park. So. BEST USE OF FAYA EVER. There was also bamboo and monstera staplegunned to the walls and lights everywhere and live Hawaiian music and a roaring fire in the fireplace and small adorable children running around, this is important for the ambience, okay... it was very nice. And Caitlin and I arrived just as the last of twilight was fading, and the view over Kilauea Caldera with the light in the clouds and the silhouette of Mauna Loa and Venus setting over the orange glow of Halema‘uma‘u, and a huge, full moon rising behind us, clear and bright... GOD, SO BEAUTIFUL. ...Anyway, the food was traditional lu‘au fare, all the good stuff, kalua pig and rice and laulau and mac potato salad and chicken long rice and poi and haupia and THE MOST AMAZING TAKO LU‘AU EVER and it was delicious. And after Santa showed up (what a rockstar he is too, seriously, all the dude has to do is show up and wave at people and everyone cheers, everyone's happy to see him, for serious, what a pimp), Caitlin and I decided it was TOO GODDAMN COLD to hang around the main party, so we took our wine and plates of dessert over by the GIANT MOTHERFUCKING FIRE and sort of oooooozed across the couches and just talked for a while, which was nice. ^_^

So anyway, all of that happened, and after several days straight of adventuring and then dancing all day and dancing all night and then dancing all day again etc., I was EXHAUSTED so I basically just spent the next few days in bed. Which was an unlooked-for luxury, because I was supposed to go on that Waipi‘o-Waimanu backpacking trip, but then it got postponed, and then it got cancelled because someone got sick, so boo, back on the bucket list it goes. It's just as well, I suppose, because this has meant actual time to actually do some actual Christmas shopping, and anyway we probably would've had to go to Halape instead because IT HAS BEEN RAINING FOREVER WITH NO SIGNS OF STOPPING, and I don't think we would've made the stream crossings safely, much less enjoyed hiking and camping. For serious, except for a few days of sun at the end of November, and maybe like two individual days and some odd hours scattered around this month, it's been, like, non-stop rain for almost two straight months now. And when I say rain, I mean IT'S BEEN POURING LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER, suck it Portland and Seattle, this is the motherfucking Tropics, okay, "sprinkling" is not in our vocabulary, we're talking 1-6 inches per day, when we precipitate we fucking mean it, also eat your heart out Noah, forty days and forty nights is nothing, try more like fifty and counting and no arks in sight. There's snow on both peaks, the ground is like a soaked sponge and the streams and waterfalls are INSANE and there's actual standing water in people's yards, which is an accomplishment in Hilo, believe me, our soil is used to taking this kind of punishment, over-saturation takes some effort. So yeah, it's wet and COLD, well, okay, cold by Hilo standards anyway, I'm wearing sweatpants and fuzzy socks and this is another reason I'm finding it very hard to ever leave the warm flannel sheets of my comfy bed.

...Let's see, what else has been happening. Saw Sherlock Holmes 2. IT WAS ENJOYABLE. Also I've been making sure Alex gets his Excellent Film education. Wednesday night he cooked dinner (he cooks!) and we watched The Fall. Also at some point in the evening he was like, "...So, actually, I've discovered your Livejournal already," and I just about died laughing. This is what I get for linking here from my Facebook. ...So he could be lurking about at any time, really, EVERYONE SAY HI TO ALEX, HI ALEX HI~!! *WAVES* :DD ...Yesterday was one of the days with actual *GASP* sunny weather, so we went hiking in the National Park, and then (when the sun went down and it started raining again) watched The Host.

...I think that's all, really. I've got like one more day to finish all of my Christmas shopping and put everything in the mail and pack, and then it's off to O‘ahu with me. I'll be hanging with my friends Jen and Adam and Maile (OMG MAILE IT'S BEEN YEARS) for the first couple of days, and then I'll be up at Granny's house until the 27th. Granny's house doesn't have newfangled things like cable television or internet or cell service, so I'll be missing from the interwebs 90% of the time. Jsyk.

Right, so allow me to leave you all with a big pile of excellent spam, most of which is blatant repost from my Flist. Enjoy!

-Look at the Bomerface. LOOK AT IT.


-Speaking of adorable, read this news article about the home-invading seal pup. BEST SEAL EVER. DIDN'T KNOW BEFORE NOW THAT THERE WAS A CONTEST, BUT THIS ONE TOTALLY WINS.

-The Dark Knight Rises trailer! :DD *bouncebouncebounce*

-Jack the Giant Killer trailer. Looks like it could be interesting, plus it stars Beast from X-Men: First Class and a whole slough of excellent actors, for serious, check out that cast list.

LJ seems to be a bitch about embedding YouTubes just at the mo', so... links:

-I was saying about adorable? This animated short, omg.

-GOOGLE PROPAGANDA "Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review". Wow. Kind of crazy in retrospect, yeah?

-Crazy people doing crazy stunts. I like to pretend I'm hardcore, but no, I've got nothing, really.

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