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It's the little things that get you when you weren't paying attention

Lol, the puddles at Bayfront are so big they have ducks in them. XDDD

Omg I am so close to being done with my Christmas shopping. And everything that's left is online shopping so that at least I can do from the comfort of my bed... not that any of that stuff will be ready by Christmas Day, actually, but WHO CARES, CERTAINLY NOT ME. Then I just need to wrap everything, and pack for my trip to O‘ahu tomorrow morning and oh god somewhere in there maybe actually sleep HAHAHAHAHA.

...Almost done. So close to the end. I WILL PREVAIL, GODDAMMIT.

ETA: OH and, like, Happy Hanukkah. L'Chaim! ...Oh man, I really want some latkes now. Makes me wish I was still on the mainland... not too many Jews in Hawai‘i. Maybe I should just make some... some day when I have time HAHAHAHA.
Tags: christmas, holiday, shopping, stress, weather
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