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Sin City, here I come!

So my mom had a conference in Las Vegas this week, and because she loves me very very much, she's flying me down there to meet her for the weekend. We plan to spend the daylight hours at Red Rock- which, despite my uncles' teasing, is not a male strip club in Las Vegas. Red Rock Canyon, for those not in the know, is arguably the most beautiful spot in Nevada, possibly even the entire Southwest. It is also only 15 miles outside of Vegas. I have never been; I'll let you know if it lives up to the hype. ^_^ Apparently there's a nifty state park nearby as well, that we might check out.

Since we can't hike during the night, we'll be spending our evenings in Sin City proper. At first we were like, "Las Vegas, *yawn*, whatever." ...Mom and I are strange, and the gambling and excess and noise and lights that Vegas symbolizes does not appeal greatly to us. But then I pointed out that Vegas is also known for shows. So Mom went to see Wayne Brady a few hours ago; she said it was great, a lot of improv like "Whose Line", with volunteers and suggestions from the audience. She yelled out "anime" when he asked for drama styles; he accepted it and said, "I like that!" She's getting us tickets for Cirque du Soleil: Beatles Love for Friday night; we haven't decided on Saturday night yet, but it may involve Blue Man Group or The Phantom of the Opera.

So I'm looking forward to hiking and shows, and seeing my mommy, and foisting the soundtracks of Fallout 3 and Watchmen on her.


In other other news, the data entry manager came in early today and brought DONUTS. This makes me extremely happy. :DDDDD (Angela is easy to please... feed me and you've got a friend for life.)

Ho crap it's work time again, blah.
Tags: i love my mom, intrepid adventure, las vegas, mmm donuts, the decemberists
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