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Wow, I really love capslock this morning

So today's lulzy victims of nomenclature out of the claims forms are Noreen and John Stillhard. ...Stillhard. THAT IS SO UNFORTUNATE. Gents, if you're ever thinking about going into the pornography acting business, may I suggest the pseudonym Dick Stillhard?

Still no time to write more than five sentences relating to the Las Vegas adventure. It might not be until at least Sunday, at this point. ARGH WAI MY LIFE SO CRAZY RITE NAO?! DX

This weekend I'm roadtripping it Boise with the Sellwood dojang for the Idaho Championship Tournament. It's going to be like a 7 1/2 hour drive, TWICE. And I get to do the fun fun-stay-up-for-over-24-hours-twice-in-one-weekend thing, AGAIN, after I just did it last week. And I'm in the same position I was in last month, where I haven't done any breaking in over two weeks and ARGH I don't think I can count on my competition sucking again. ...But I'm really looking forward to it. Tournaments are fun, I haven't been to a Championship Tournament in YEARS, and I'll get to see Grandmaster Knife and the whole Boise crew for the first time in almost a year.

Speaking of taekwon-do, I got kicked in the eye the other day by a 2nd degree black belt. ...This is actually a good thing. Not the getting kicked in the eye part so much as the kicked in the eye by a 2nd degree black belt part. Aaron, like all Kim's Taekwon-do students, is trained to have excellent control, and although kicking me in the face was an accident, he has sufficient rank and skill to pull his technique and avoid hurting me. He's strong enough to kick through me if he wanted; by all rights I should be blind in one eye, or have a broken cheekbone or something. Instead, I don't even have a bruise.

...I love my sport, and I love my School.
Tags: intrepid adventure, job, las vegas, living in the land of port, taekwon-do
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