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Today appears to be my day for media flailing. And hormones.

Just watched H50 s02e17, "Kupale". THIS EPISODE MAKES ME HAVE ALL OF THE FEELS. I just. It had a little bit of everything I like to see in the show. To wit:

-Hawaiian history/culture.
-Hawaiian current events/politics.
-Environmental issues/Hawaiian native species.
-Steve and Danny expressing affection for each other.
-Steve and Danny bitchfighting (same thing).
-Steve and Danny living in each others' spaces.
-Easily applied Steve/Danny slash goggles.
-Danny being happy and adorable and awkward with his feels.
-No seriously so much Five-0 Team Ohana oh my heart. (Including supporting cast! Like. All of them!)
-Steve pulling ridiculous terrifying Super SEAL stunts to catch suspects. (JESUS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MCGARRETT. ...NEVER CHANGE.)
-Steve driving Danny's car.
-Danny in a wet shirt WHAT I HAVE A PULSE.

Plus bonus APOLO OHNO AAHGLHSKFJASKFFSKGHSJDKFLS. Gdammit I thought he looked familiar. AND HOT. ...Since when is he doing acting? Maybe they're just running low on hapa celebrities so they just called his ass up. His very fine, Olympic speedskating, sexy ass. Unf. Although apparently he's also a Dancing with the Stars champion. APOLO OHNO DANCING YES THIS I WANT TO SEE.

Tags: apolo ohno unf, fangirling, flailflailflail, guh, h50, happy happy joy joy, hawaii, i love you shoooow~~, sex, spam, television, unf
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