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Angela, Zolac no Miko

Some things.

-Oh my god you guys, I love the people I live with. Thursday night was sushi night and everyone from the RM house and the other USGS house came over and we had a massive pile of sushi and miso soup and tofu-mushroom wontons and this beautiful monstrosity Brent invented that he called "redneck sushi", which involved bacon wrapped around cornbread wrapped around smoked pork, onions, and barbecue sauce (OH MY GOD YOU GUYS). And we were all hanging out in our kitchen drinking beers, seven people from all over the U.S. and Canada (the Italian went home early with the Californian), and someone– not me– referenced The Mighty Boosh, and everyone understood the reference. And then proceeded to make more. ...COOLEST GROUP OF PEOPLE EVER. Also I watch Supernatural and Top Gear with Sean, and he lurks around with vague, amused interest when I watch The Vampire Diaries. (Btw look_alive, Meredith Fell, lololol.)

-Last night was hella stormy. Woke up at 2:30 in the morning to booms of thunder that shook the house, generated by lightning a mile or less away. This continued for a few hours... I sort of drifted in and out of sleep. I'm sure there's new snow on the mountains. Again. (I think I failed to mention that the storm that hit us in Kapa‘a dumped HELLA SNOW on the peaks. I have pictures. Which I will maybe someday show you.)

-Boomer, my Droid phone, succumbed to her Cylon sleeper programming and went BATSHIT INSANE yesterday morning... ignoring my commands and scrolling and punching buttons with random and gleeful abandon. So I drove her down into Hilo today and took her to the Verizon store... dude said original Droids are starting to reach the point of obsolescence and that Boomer would probably continue to be glitchy, so I cashed in on my upgrade and got a Droid 4. She's shiny and beautiful and smart and her name is Athena. (Number 8 Cylons are the best Cylons. Ilu Grace Park. ♥)

...So yeah, I'm hanging at my Dad's house stealing internet. I'mma head up to Mom's for a bit and pick up my shiny new REI gear and some other stuff, buy some gas, buy some mochi and plum wine for Girls' Day (and a Happy Girls' Day to you all~ xoxo), and have some dinner with Dad and Bev before heading back up the hill. I'mma maybe try to wrangle some of the other interns into driving to southern Ka‘u or South Kona tomorrow to try and find some sunny weather and a beach, because it has been hella damp for way too long. And then Monday it's back out into the field.

Fieldwork's been going well... aside from issues with the weather, and that GIANT KOA TREE that fell and blocked the road and forced us to find an alternate way out, and the power steering breaking down in the pickup truck, and other suchlike shenanigans. But the cabin is dry and the pit toilet doesn't smell too bad and there are only a few spiders, really, and we've been catching cute birds and I'm getting more proficient at handling them, and we put up more poles so we should catch more birds next week, and maybe we'll catch one of those Hawai‘i Creepers that's been taunting us, and hopefully we won't catch that hawk. (IT'S HAPPENED BEFORE.)

I really do need to find time to do a picspam. I have discovered that I can catch wireless if I sit outside my house, but it's been so rainy that that's not often a feasible solution. And of course I live in the woods half the week, so I have very limited exposure to even that limited amount of civilization. But it's high up on my to-do list, I swear. It's just. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS. T_T

Here, I'll leave you with the latest Avengers trailer. It's a little like sex. (Just, you know, click the thing that says "Watch Trailer".)

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