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Where all my nerds at.

So, how excited are we about Legend of Korra? Please estimate to the closest power of 'fucking very'. Just watched the free pre-release on iTunes today. THE ART. SO VERY GUH. And Pro Bending? Yeah. Coolest sport I will never be able to play since Quidditch. I do expect, however, to be continually distracted by Evil!Spike Spiegel, omg.

So anyway, HAPPY ANGELA'S BIRTHDAY WEEKEND Y'ALL~! And also that Easter thing. Both of these things are actually kind of getting sidelined for me this weekend, in favor of Marcus and Baerbl's 10th anniversary Hilo swing workshop. I plan to spend my birthday in Balboa classes. And then packing for the field.

But next weekend, when I actually have time for this birthday nonsense... Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon, aww yiss~. It will be a MASSIVE PARTY with me and my friend Eric... and maybe even other people, if we can find anyone else interested in Avatar. This island is definitely suffering a nerd vacuum, it's very sad. ...You're all invited, btw. IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO BUY AN AIRPLANE TICKET AND COME JOIN US.

Or you can help me construct my Avatar 'Take A Shot When' Drinking Game. So far I have:
-Sokka uses sarcasm
-Sokka food gag
-Aang attempts to get it with Katara
-Aang goes into Avatar state
-Zuko throws a tantrum
-Iroh food gag
-Iroh does something unspeakably badass
-Sokka does something unspeakably badass
-Cabbage Guy
-Foaming-at-the-Mouth Guy
-Another Avatar
-Soonghi horn
-Blind jokes
-Iroh says 'tea'
-White lotus
-Specialty bending (lightning, metal, plant, blood)
-Aang dons ridiculous disguise
-Katara acquires boyfriend
-Sokka acquires girlfriend

What else needs to be on the list?! HELP ME OUT HERE GUYS.
Tags: avatar: the last airbender, birthday, dance, fangirling, geekery, help me plz, party time, swing, television, the legend of korra
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