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Sorry, post may/may not have spag or spacing issues, can't actually tell, frak my Cylon phone, srsly

Oh my god you guys what is my life seriously.

So, I love my dad, but he has this annoying persistent habit of only listening to half of what anyone says to him, and then inventing details as necessary to fill in the gaps, like frog DNA in Jurassic Park. And, much like Jurassic Park, the result is REALLY BAD NOT-GOOD THINGS. To whit, my dad was under the impression that I drive to-and-from my worksite everyday (a 3+ hour drive), as opposed to what I told him, which is that I spend four days every week camped out in the woods, entirely removed from modern conveniences such as cell service, internet, electricity, or running water. So when he found out that I needed to apply for a new health insurance policy this month or lose my chance until November and tried to tell me about it, and I didn't respond, he assumed I was dodging his calls and flipped out. So I come back down the mountain and find that he's left me three voicemails of increasing levels of panic and anger, and an email, cc'd to my brother, suggesting I learn how to act like a responsible adult. He apparently also called my mom, at home and at work; luckily she is on Oahu and I have been able to forewarn her of his crazy.


When I finally spoke to him on the phone things were extremely frustrating until I was able to extrapolate his erroneous worldview and properly explain to him the facts of the case. To his credit he actually apologized, and I do feel kind of bad because I know he's stressed out with work, and I know the stress makes him crazy, and even if it wasn't my fault I gave him even more stress that he didn't need. But. OH MY GOD.

...So Jackie gives us Friday mornings off, since we work long hours in the field and always come back completely exhausted. So I went to bed early and got up early in the morning and drove down to Hilo, and Dad and I went in to the HMSA office to ask questions about their insurance policies. And the nice lady informed us that the law requires me to exhaust my COBRA coverage before switching to a cheaper individual plan. So all of the aforementioned ridiculosity was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. But we do both feel better educated.

So I sign the COBRA papers and drive Dad back to the office, and he kindly offers to by me gas so we pull in at a Shell station and gas up. And then my truck won't start. The battery has died. So a helpful Samaritan gives us a jump and I drive Purple Truck to our favorite service station, and it's not just the battery, it's the alternator.

So I've been stranded in Hilo all afternoon. I told Jackie what's up; luckily she's super nice and totally understands. I spent a few hours with my Dad at the HELCO booth at the Earth Day fair (Happy Earth Day by the way!), and now I'm killing time at his office, ensconced in an empty cubicle.

Work's been pretty awesome this week, though. We had great weather almost the whole week, which... hasn't happened at all since we started in February, and we caught a ton of birds, and we finally caught some of those Hawaii Creepers that have been taunting us (our first endangereds! :D). So all that's good.

Stay awesome, Flist. ♥
Tags: argh, facepalm, family, fml, island life, job, saving the world yo
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