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Oh, all right, I'll do a meme, twist my arm.

Top Ten fics on AO3 by hits! Because I, too, cannot resist the siren call of statistics and talking about writing.

Stolen from EVERYPLACE because for serious like 90% of my Flist is fanfic writers, although I'mma specifically follow apple_pathways' lead and do a second list by kudos, because hits doesn't actually tell you that anyone read or enjoyed the fic, just that your summary sounds good.

Swallowing some mild feelings of inadequacy here, because everyone else I've seen do this meme has hitcounts in the thousands, and I... really don't. I GET IT, though, really, I know I tend to write stuff that is gen and/or shortfic and/or for extremely tiny fandoms (I mean honestly, who's heard of Metanoia, I mean, besides all the cool people, you know who you are ♥), and I don't really participate in fandom to any significant extent, and anyway I enjoy what I write, I know it's good, and it really is enough for me that anyone reads and enjoys it at all, I mean, wow, how amazing is that? SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO.

1. Best Laid Plans, DC Multiverse (Batfamily), Bruce/Dick. (175)
Ahaha nooooooo surprise there. This is the closest I've ever gotten to writing the kind of thing your average fic-reader likes to consume. Pretty straight-forward slash, with some angst and fluff thrown in. I wrote it as a gift, and I really do like it, but I don't think it's my best work.

2. I'll Be Yours (A Love Story), DC Multiverse (Batfamily), one-sided Tim/Dick. (154)
I am THRILLED, because I think this story is some of my best work, and it deserves to get read. It also deserves to get FINISHED, a;lshgklsfjksf must finish edits on H50 Monstrosity so I can return to poor neglected scary!Timmy (before he steals my kidneys).

3. ‘A‘ole Maopopo, Hawaii Five-0, Grace (gen). (92)
My reaction fic to episode 1.24, because I think Danny got shafted, as did his daughter. I'm really pleased people seem to read and enjoy this one, because one never knows how kidfic is going to be received... then again everyone seems to like Grace, so.

4. Do You Know How Many Times, DC Multiverse (Batfamily), Tim/Kon. (87)
A really popular slash pairing in DC fic, and the first pairing in DC I could really get behind. ...Bowchikkabowwow~. O HAI, MY PENCHANT FOR HORRIBLE TRAGEDY IS SHOWING.

5. Louder Than Words, Hawaii Five-0, Danny and Steve (gen w/slashy overtones). (75)
Wrote this as a gift for gyzym and as an experiment to see if I could write a story in one hundred words. I AM REALLY FREAKING PROUD OF THIS ONE. For serious, I'm super pleased with how it turned out, this one never fails to make me smile.

6. Reconciliation, Teen Titans animated series, Robin and Batman (gen). (67)
Wat, there are actually scores of Teen Titans genfic readers out there, wat. ...AWESOME. Now I don't feel so alone. T_T ...This was my first foray into a new fandom in a very long time, and... again, I like this story, I do, but I think I've done better. I just. Oh god so embarrassing. I love it, but I also kind of hate myself a little. SO MANY FEEEEEEEEEELINGS. LET'S TALK ABOUT THEM. AWKWARDLY, AS BATFAMILY DOES. XD;

7. Live Without, Teen Titans animated series/DCU, Robin and ensemble cast (gen, mostly). (42)
Seriously, who'da thunk? I know the fandom is tiny... I guess for that reason there's a brutal shortage of quality fic (ACTUALLY I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE), so I guess my TT fics get hits by default and out of desperation. ...Not to devalue them, because I think they're AWESOME. I hope I'm making somebody happy. ...Anyway, I'm actually quite fond of this story and I hope I will actually finish it, although I expect it will take me forever. I'm proud of the plot, I loves me some Robin sooooo very much, and... you know me. TRAGEDY. SOOOOO DEPRESSING, B'AAAAAWWWW. ...No seriously this was a truly evil thing for me to do to a character.

8. Assisting Arrest, Hawaii Five-0, Danny (gen). (33)
The one about wee!Danny and wee!Matty and the incident with the monkey cages; my very first H50 fic, at a time when I think I was still embarrassed to be part of the fandom. sirona_gs tricked me into this with wee!Danny puppy-eyes; I wanted her to write it. But I'm glad she twisted my arm... this is another one that really makes me smile.

9. Too Much Red, DC Multiverse (Batfamily), Bruce and Clark (gen w/slashy overtones). (26)
Wrote this about the same time as "Louder Than Words" with the same experimental hundred-word goal in mind, this time as a gift for mithen. I am also really really proud of this one. Turns out I'm really good at this drabble thing when I try.

10. The Night Before Christmas (Metanoia-style), Metanoia, Star/Zan. (18)
Wat. Waaaaaaaaaat. Wat. HOW IS THIS NUMBER TEN. I mean, how is any of my Metanoia fic in the top ten when there's still one more available fic from a fandom that ACTUALLY HAS PEOPLE IN IT, but that aside... WHY THIS ONE, WTF. I don't dislike it, but, I mean... it's not awesome, it's a poem, A CRACK POEM, it's the second thing I ever wrote for the fandom and I do think it actually succeeds at being funny but WHY THIS OVER ALL OF MY OTHER METANOIA WORK WHICH IS ACTUALLY BETTER. I MEAN. WAT.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, number eleven is Come on. Admit it. It's kind of awesome., which probably picked up a few hits by being a Firefly meta-crossover. And I do feel sad that my one remaining Batfic offering, I Would Keep Myself, didn't make it into the top ten and is in fact several rungs down... I feel like that story is some of my very best work ever, and I think it deserves to be read. But maybe people got some psychic flashforward to HOW HORRIBLY IT WOULD BREAK THEM and avoided it for their own safety. I guess that's cool.

By Kudos:

(Top Seven because that is the number of fics that actually have any kudos whatsoever, oh god look how few kudos this is so depressing. *sob!*)

1. I'll Be Yours (A Love Story), (5). YES!! SO DESERVES IT.

2. Reconciliation, (3). Still baffled (but pleased!) by my Teen Titans genfic fans. YOU GUYS ROCK. ALL THREE OF YOU. ♥

3. THREE WAY TIE, between ‘A‘ole Maopopo (2), Assisting Arrest (2), and Live Without (2). Yay for fans of kidfic, genfic, and/or Teen Titans, wtf, who are you, you guys are awesome.

4. TWO WAY TIE, between Best Laid Plans (1) and Do You Know How Many Times (1).

...Welp, that was fun. Plan for the day... laundry, edit edit edit like the wind, drive to Hilo, see The Cabin in the Woods (fdsjalk;hgkalsfjdskjsf SO EXCITED), edit edit edit like the wind. Tomorrow... canoe regatta! :D
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