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I'm sorry to keep spamming you guys, only I'm really, really not.


There. I just feel like that's always a good way to start, just to get people's attention.

Gaaaahhhh, omg how freaking excited am I about Prometheus? IT IS GOING TO BE SO AMAZING.

Speaking of amazing, watch this awesome promotional video featuring android!Fassbender. I can already tell he is going to be my favorite. (Playlist continues with other cool promotional vids and trailers that are also worth watching, but. FASSBENDER.)

Omg, and just– the cast list, wow. ...Idris Elba with that accent is really weird.

So excited so excited CAN'T WAIT.
Tags: flailflailflail, idris elba ftw, idris elba is my favorite, michael fassbender (is hot like the sun), movie, recs, science fiction: it's what i do, spam, trailer, video
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