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Stuff and blah

The Hazards of Love was released today! I bought my copy off of iTunes... turns out I could've bought it on the 18th, but oh well. I've only had time to listen to the beginning so far, but IT'S SO PRETTY. Apparently today The Decemberists were signing CDs in Portland AND I MISSED IT. Also oh well. And lol, there's another concert in Troutdale in July, maybe I'll go to that one, too, if I feel like it. ^_^;; ...I really should check The Decemberists' website more often, it is made of awesome.

In other news, Mary and her friend called me at 4:30 to tell me they would not be stopping by, but instead would forge onwards to Seattle. Oh well. I like hanging out with Mary, but this gave me an extra 2 1/2 hours of sleep and let me get away without cleaning my room for another day.

In other other news, this is the kind of weird shit I think up while I'm at work. It occurred to me that if Clara Smith ever met Simon Tam from Firefly, she would like him a lot, he is exactly her type. And then it seemed to me that he would like her, too, were he ever in a situation that removed Kaylee from the equation entirely (sad though that may be). And I realized that this was because the two of them are so freaking alike it's scary. Their love would be made of fluff and bunnies and awkward fail, and it would be so adorable, and now I'm really sad that my new interdimensional OTP will NEVER EVER HAPPEN. ...But I'd already decided that when I get around to writing the first book in the Hosta-verse timeline, Clara's going to be in it (turns out I'm not done with that girl), and now I've decided Beau #3 is going to be a doctor. I'm just going to have to try damn hard not to infringe on Joss Whedon's copyright.
Tags: firefly, hosta, job, omg fullmetal alchemist, the decemberists
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