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Ooh ooh ooh!

So, I was looking around on the Bridgeport website, and woe, Watchmen is no longer playing in IMAX there, I've missed my chance to see it in Epic Gigantosize. ;_;

But! I discovered that they're showing "Death Note: L, Change the WorLd" on April 29, subtitled omg. I'M TOTALLY GOING. ...Who thinks I should go in cosplay? XDDD;;

And then I noticed this: "earth", the first in a new series of Disneynature films, together with BBC, Greenlight Media, and Discovery Channel, is coming out on April 22, Earth Day. It's narrated by DARTH VADER James Earl Jones and directed by the same guys who brought us "planet earth". In fact, judging by the trailer... here, has a trailer... they may be using the same footage. ...Honestly, though. Bits of "planet earth" on the big screen? DO WANT.

...Ok Go concert today~! :DDDDDD

P.S. Ahahahaha my icon fits because it contains, uh, nature, and also a genius with bare feet~! ^_^

P.P.S. ...I just figured out why the muscles in my tailbone region have been in so much freaking pain for the past few days. It was that frog stretch I did at the tournament. FOR FUTURE REFERENCE- do not do ballet stretches when you haven't done ballet in like ten months, unless you want to hurt, A LOT. DX
Tags: concert, deathnote, do want, earth, i love my awesome life, living in the land of port, movies, ok go, watchmen
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