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So my boss just called me an hour ago to inform me that our twelve day bushwhacking, helicoptering, tent-camping expedition to the deep deep jungle that we were supposed to embark on tomorrow HAS BEEN POSTPONED. FOR AT LEAST A WEEK. ...AUGH.

Not her fault, not anyone's fault, nothing we can do about it. Boss Dennis had already broken the news to us Friday morning that he couldn't come because his doctor wanted him to go see a cardiologist and to not go anywhere remote until he'd done so, so that was a bit of a hiccup. But now apparently Boss Carter has come down with a nasty flu, so he's down for the count, too. Which leaves us very short on manpower and without anyone who's actually been to this site before, and... yeah. It's just not the best idea until Carter's healthier. So everything's up in the air right now... we're hoping for May 21 thru June 2, but it depends on when the helicopter pilot is available.

KIND OF A BUMMER, but... not so bad, really, now I have some more time to get all my gear and food together and packed, so... that takes some stress off of me for tonight. And! I can probably go to O'ahu and do archaeology with my family next weekend after all! :DDDDD

So, anyway, dunno what I'm up to this week; we might go to Nauhi for a few days, who knows.

This weekend was fun, if exhausting. Got caught up on Korra (guys I am so madly in love with Bolin), shmoozed with friends, enjoyed David and Asifa's Mali Peace Corps slideshow, geeked out about Avatar: The Last Airbender with a ten year old girl, ate TONS OF DELICIOUS FOOD, and enjoyed Downtown Hilo and the Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning.

And The Avengers was just as awesome the second time around. OH MY GOD THAT MOVIE IS SO GOOD.

...I have to say, on second viewing I found myself really loving the encounter between Tony and Loki in Stark Tower (by which I mean, even more so than the first time). I feel like on some level Loki must have really really enjoyed having a conversation with Tony Stark... someone else whose skill lies in wit and words, who uses elocution like a weapon and uses it well. I can just imagine him like, "Omg this guy is kind of awesome for a human, he can actually kind of keep up with me, look at him go! :DD" ...SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE ME THE POST-MOVIE FIC WHERE LOKI AND TONY JUST SNARK/TALK AT EACH OTHER FOREVER, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I NEED IT LIKE BURNING. TT_TT
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