Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
Angela, Zolac no Miko

H50 season finale: all together now, fankids....

(Again, in no particular order...)

-Okay, so we figured Shelburne out months ago (although I admit I fell for the lame red herring) but even so the suspense and my excitement during the whole episode and especially that last scene was intense and ASDFJKLGHJFDHSSGJFKS STEEEEEEEEEEEVE!! OH MY GOD HIS FAAAAAAAAAAACE~!! Aaaaaahhh ohmigod you guys this is going to be so awesome, I can't wait, I hope they cast and write her all awesome and stuff, and EEEEEEEEEEE~, STEVE AND ALL OF HIS FEEEEEEELS~!

-Malia had better not die. It didn't even occur to me that she could still die until someone else brought it up, but now I'm kind of going back and forth with myself on the issue. There's arguments to be made either way; I guess we'll just have to wait and see. But I really really fucking hope not because WOMEN IN REFRIGERATORS, UGH, DO NOT WANT.

-HOW WILL KONO ESCAAAAAAAAAPE~?! I'll tell you how it should go: Kono saves herself like a bamf; later Chin is all GUUUUUIIILLLTT for chosing Malia, and Kono is like, "Pff, no way, cuz, you made the right decision, don't even worry about it."

-KAMEKONA BROUGHT MAX STAR TREK BALLOONS!! ...Come on guys, am I the only person who noticed/cares? THAT IS SO FUCKING SWEET, it says a lot about their off-camera relationship. BRING ME THE FIC WHERE MAX AND KAMEKONA WATCH STAR TREK TOGETHER.

-Dannyyyyyyyyyyy~! D: Oh honey, oh here we go again! ...Can the writer's seriously not think of anything to do with Danny during finales other than OH NO WILL HE LEAVE HAWAII YES/NO, STAY TUNED!

-STEVE AND DANNY IN THIS, OMG. THAT WHOLE SCENE IN THE CAR. My favorite part is where Danny says, "It's private," and Steve gives him this Look, like, I AM CONFUSED, WHAT IS PRIVACY, SINCE WHEN IS THERE ANY PRIVACY BETWEEN US. Seriously, that face, SO PRICELESS, omg where is the gifset for that scene, I need it for my life!! And just. Nosy!Steve in that whole scene, the side-eyeing and Danny giving him shit about the letter and asjffggklsnfkljfghds STEVE AND DANNY YOU ARE BOTH MY FAVORITES FOR FOREVER. ♥♥

-Really, writers, you stole a plotline from The Dark Knight, really? Really?

Tags: excuse me while i flip the fuck out, flailflailflail, h50, television
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