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I'm less bothered by this than it probably seems like. It's just. The principle of the thing!

I'm alone in the house. Not 100% sure where my housemates are, but I'm pretty sure they went to Kalapana with some of the other interns. Not sure. No one said anything. Or, you know, invited me.


I mean, okay, it's probably my fault for being gone most weekends when everyone else is hanging around housing, like, bonding and stuff. And even if they'd invited me I would've had to turn them down, because I needed tonight to pack for this weekend, and also do as much prep for the expedition as possible, since I won't be back until Sunday morning. And I've been kept happily occupied with the season finale for The Vampire Diaries (OH MY GOD.)

...But still! That's just... kinda rude. D:
Tags: baaaw, dickbags, forever alone, island life, television, vampire diaries
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