Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
Angela, Zolac no Miko

Update: so horrible it's hilarious

So, I didn't get on the helicopter. When Dennis came to check on me I'd not had enough energy to do anything other than lie on the couch and watch television, and the only thing I'd eaten was one and a half soda crackers, so I decided I probably wouldn't be in any shape to get up at 4 a.m. and go camping in the cold and wet.

So, yeah, got caught up on Grey's Anatomy (*sob!*) and Supernatural and one episode of Grimm (that's 5+ hours of TV), and I ate a pocket sandwich and another half cracker and passed out for fourteen hours.

Feel a bit better today... I'm pretty weak but my appetite's coming back. Watched True Grit and ate half a pot of melon Jello and two more crackers, took a shower, watched Blood Creek (Fassbender, Cavill, and Nazi vampires lolol) and have been nibbling at ramen and chocolate pudding.

Then Dennis came in to give me the news on the expedition and I just. Oh my god you guys. It took them eleven hours to hike the four miles down to the site, which is RIDICULOUS except that it really is that hard to hack through hundreds of yards of uluhe. The bog is surrounded by a wall of uluhe, forcing them to pitch camp on the bog itself. The weather has turned and the bog is getting soggy; the pit toilet is already filling with water. Jackie's not sure there will be anywhere to put poles up with the uluhe so thick. The helicopter flew in okay, but Shawn, being Shawn, was like, "I'm gonna go for a walk" and then DISAPPEARED. When he'd been gone for three hours they called Dennis and told him they couldn't find him, they were going to go looking and if they didn't find him in three more hours they'd call back. Dennis is getting ready to tell his boss and Nick is preparing to send in County Search & Rescue (for all the good that would do); two hours later they call back and they've found him, he wasn't lost, he was just sitting by 'Awehi Stream. So he got thoroughly chewed out by everyone.

The original plan was for Carter to hike out Sunday, then back in Tuesday, and maybe I would go with him. It's not looking like anyone's going to be hiking anywhere with the uluhe that bad. Jackie's already asking about when the helicopter pilot might be available to fly them the hell out.

Basically EVERYONE IS MISERABLE and I have the stomach flu. THIS EXPEDITION IS CURSED.

I just... I just can't even. IS THIS REAL LIFE?

...I'mma eat more ramen and watch Inglourious Basterds now, yep, this sounds like a good plan.
Tags: fubar, is this going to be forever?, is this real life?, job, saving the world yo, sick
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