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Epic Fail, and other activities

So we didn't go to the Ok Go concert. It was sold out, woe. ;_; I had a feeling I should've looked into purchasing tickets ahead of time... it's extremely likely that it still would've been sold out, since we only found out it was happening a couple days in advance, but I would've saved myself a lot building up anticipation before the let down.

So there we all were, all dressed up and downtown already, so after a little bit of pouting we decided to make the best of it. It was Saturday night, after all! The world was our oyster. There were all sorts of fun places to party in downtown Portland on a weekend!

...So we went to a bookstore. XDDDD Which is, like, the opposite of going to a rock concert. But Powells is always fun. I grabbed my copy of Fables #4 that I was halfway done reading, and sat in a corner and finished it. So now I can borrow #5 from Chris at my leisure. Lauren and Chris each bought a few books, and Lisa found ZOMBIE PORN. We didn't stay long, since we were all tired, so we headed home and Lauren crashed on our couch and I PASSED THE HELL OUT at 11:30; I'd been awake all day, excepting a fourish-hour nap, since I had plans to hang out with Cory on Saturday.

Which I did. I woke up at 7:30, ate breakfast, and took the 12 to the Saturday Market, under the Burnside Bridge. At 9:30 it was just opening; I poked around for a little bit while I waited for Cory to call. She gave me a ring after a few minutes; they hadn't even left their house yet, and were going to the Farmer's Market first, and could I meet them there? There was a bit of confusion while I tried to figure out where the hell the Farmer's Market was (PSU campus) and how the hell to get there. I figured out eventually that if I got back on the 12 in the opposite direction it would take me right there, but couldn't get Cory's relatives to stop trying to give me advice (they wanted me to get on the Max, which would have been much less helpful). Nonetheless I eventually managed to assure them I would get there just fine, boarded a bus, and was there in just a few minutes. I win at navigation, whoo.

I spent the next I don't know how many minutes moseying down one aisle of the market; as I'd rather expected, I beat Cory them there by a lot. It was an extremely cold and damp morning, and I was fairly chilled through and my toes were chilled to aching; nonetheless I browsed my way quite happily down the line of stalls, sampling every damn thing; hard cider, cheese, pesto, bread, soup, fruit, vegetables, smoked salmon, etc. Finally Cory called and I met up with her and her mom in the center of the market and gave them hugs. We joined up with the rest of her family and continued moseying, and I let Cory buy me some spearmint tea with her mom's money.

After a while we crossed the street to the parking garage and climbed into a couple of vehicles and headed in the direction of the Saturday Market. We pulled over in a parking lot to switch a bunch of people around, so one car could go home. Those of us going to the market drove around in circles for a bit looking for parking, and eventuall found a spot on the street that was further away from the market than the lot we were in in the first place. Arriving at the market we agreed on a time and place to meet, then split up. Cory and I wandered for a while looking at all the wares. There was a lot of neat stuff, but while I was sorely tempted by some extremely clever t-shirts, as I had been by all the tasty foodstuffs at the Farmer's Market, I didn't end up buying anything. We sampled some delicious cajun spices and sauces, and Cory ended up buying some, and then it was time to leave. Which we were happy to do, since by this point we were popsicles.

We piled into the van and went to Cory's aunt and uncle's house in Lake Oswego. I guess her uncle's pretty rich; he works as a consultant for Nike. ...In any case, the house is HUGE. It's very lovely, a lot of wood and stone and little touches of Hawaii all over the place, and lots of ambient light. The many windows provided beautiful views of Japanese-style gardens, a jacuzzi and pool, and a lawn stretching down to the river. After lunch Cory and I lounged around on the window seats, chatting and watching her dad and uncles fish for salmon and fending off her spoiled five-year-old cousin. The menfolk brought in a couple of big fish, which was exciting.

Since I lived like five minutes away we drove over to hang at the apartment for a bit and watch Tommy's movies, then came back for the gigantic massive dinner. After dessert all the younger cousins went into the family room to watch High School Musical 3 on the gigantic projection screen. I enjoyed watching that movie but didn't really need to see it again so soon, and Cory was violently opposed, so we hid in the living room with the menfolk and watched Transporter 2, which is a thoroughly crap movie. Then Cory foisted smoked salmon, orchids, and shortbread cookies on me and took me home.

I spent the rest of the evening reading and editing friends' fan and original fic, then passed the hell out.

...And now I need to be working.
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