Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
Angela, Zolac no Miko

Hahahaha oh my god.

...So that was fun. XD; I am going to have to smack Keola, oh my god, that kid is such a terrible influence.

I almost never feel like going out on a Thursday night, but we only worked a half day, so when Keola showed up with his friend Eric I'd already showered and packed my stuff and cleaned my room and eaten dinner, and I was just lounging around drinking a beer and watching Daniel Craig's ass Cowboys and Aliens. And he invited me out to Karaoke Night at the Lava Lounge and I hadn't been in months, so I said sure, and me and Shawn and Eric hopped into 'Ola's truck and off we went.

It was super fun. Everyone was there. I sang "Born To Be Wild", and I didn't pay for any of my drinks. ...And there were a lot of drinks. Had a couple of tequila shots and a hell of a lot of beer... not sure how much exactly. Two beers before the bar, and then... two more? Maybe? At least one, but I can't actually remember. ^_^;;

I ditched out before Keola and Eric were ready to go (Shawn had already left) and ended up walking back to the house by myself. This would be like a mile in pitch dark and rain, and my flashlight was low on batteries and I was drunker than I'd ever been in my life, so drunk I could barely see straight. I chose to walk on the trails rather than the road, and had a lot of fun staggering over the uneven ground, my flashlight creating just enough illumination that I could kind of tell the difference between the path and the vegetation on either side. It's kind of a miracle I didn't fall into a steam vent or Kīlauea Caldera and DIE. Also I am really really glad I know the trails in this park so well, because at the very least I knew exactly where I was at all times, even in the pitch black, or else I never would've found the house.

Made it back safely. Threw up in my bed, LIKE A BOSS. Peeled off all the sheets and curled up backwards on the mattress, curled up in my quilt. ...I've never ever drunk myself sick before... so much for my streak! But I feel fine today, no hangover or nothing, so at least there's that.

Tags: drunk angela is drunk, island life, whoo!
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