Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
Angela, Zolac no Miko

The fact that this movie broke tradition is so meta.

Just came back from seeing Brave, and I'll just say flat-out: I loved it. I guess I can see where the critics are coming from... I'm kind of with them in that it was solid and beautiful and I loved it, but it maybe didn't blow me away the way Up or WALL-E or The Incredibles did, but I almost feel bad trying to criticize it for that, because it really was excellent. And the audience gave it a round of applause!

Basically it was everything I was looking for. Scottish! Feminist! Beautifully animated! Did I mention feminist! Because oh my god fuck yes, this wins my feminist stamp of approval so hard, I'mma maybe not discuss in detail because ~SPOILERS~ but if you've seen the trailers you can probably draw fairly accurate conclusions. When I have daughters I am raising them on this movie. Also The Legend of Korra. Also Mirror, Mirror. But really, this one takes the cake.

There was really nothing I didn't like about the messages of this movie. Also I had to hold back tears a few times. (Although maybe that's just PMS, hard to tell.) ...And I seriously must have some kind of weakness for astonishingly appropriate memorials, because the little dedication to Steve Jobs at the end nearly got tears, too. Not that I feel particularly emotional about the late esteemed Mr. Jobs, but just... in the context of the climax of the film, the way they presented it was just... so deeply appropriate, appropriate and heart-breakingly sweet. Guh.

...So yeah, I heartily endorse this film. Go see it. And stay to the end of the credits, the extra scene is cute.
Tags: feminism, movie, recs
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