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So the good news is, the bird did not perish while in my care. Whew! The bad news is, no, there is no procedure in place for USGS Avian Disease to care for lost baby birds, or at least not non-natives; I suspect KBCC would probably take in native birds. (Oh, baby bird is probably a Japanese white-eye actually.)

So I spent the first hour of work trying to figure out WHAT TO DO WITH BABY BIRD, because, realistically, I cannot raise a baby bird to maturity right now, once Jackie and Dennis come back I could be living in the woods again at any time. So I turned to my old friend the internet and found the number for a wildlife rescue place in Kona. I could have taken birdy all the way to Kona and given it to them; the girl told me she's taking care of another baby white-eye as we speak. But she also told me that I could put birdy on a branch within a football field sized area of where it was found, and the parents would hear its voice and come take care of it. ...So that is what I did.

I think birdy will be fine. It's covered in feathers and it can almost fly, so I think it's at the right age to fledge from the nest. That's probably why it was on the road in the first place.

...In other news I think I've managed to get myself some part-time temporary employment? One of the other USGS offices is willing to pay me $9:45/hr for data entry, so I'll be doing that part-time until Jackie comes back. ...HOLY SHIT ACTUAL WAGES. I mean, that's not a lot, but... it's more than I'm being paid now! ...Sweet~.
Tags: animals, birdies, job, saving the world yo, wildlife
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