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Okay so today I went to see The Amazing Spiderman and omg it was fabulous, it was so fucking charming, augh I loved it so so much. Mostly AUGH I LOVE ANDREW GARFIELD SO SO MUCH. TT_TT

I mean there's this thing about me and Spidey, okay, we go way back, he has always been and always will be my favorite superhero after Batman, and also I have had a crush on him since like before I even had hormones I think. AND I AM EVEN MORE IN LOVE WITH HIM NOW. I seriously need to see the movie again just so I can gaze at him in adoration. ♥_♥ a;sdklhgalkshdflajkshdfal;s it's just, okay, I have types that I am weak to, one of them being guys that are simultaneously adorkably fail and BADASS, and Garfield's Peter Parker (and Peter Parker in general, I guess) falls squarely into this type. I just– SO AWKWARD, but not in a horribly painful, oh-god-kill-me-now, Tobey McGuire-in-Spiderman 3 kind of awkward, awkward in an OH GOD I WANT TO RUFFLE HIS HAIR AND TAKE HIM HOME WITH ME AND CUDDLE HIM AND FEED HIM COOKIES kind of adorable way. I want to do all of those things and then have HOT HOT SEX with him, because as I said, adorkable and BADASS ohemgeeeeee he's so sexy, Gwen Stacey, girl, I totally feel you, we are both in so much trouble omg. ...Seriously it's like magic, he's awkwardly adorably unbelievably fail one moment and then the next moment BAM, MEGA PIMP, like that scene on the balcony, how does he do it?!

And I kind of loved all of the almost-but-not-quite-kissing that was somehow even sexier than actual kissing, how is that possible??

Other things:

-I was amused by the remix of Uncle Ben's famous line.

-I really should be used to this by now, I mean, it's a comic book movie for Zolac's sake but OH GOD I feel like the fail!science (including computer science) was more painful than usual. T_T


-There were a lot of kids in the theater which I actually kinda liked, because a) they're all so noisy you don't really feel guilty for making noise, and b) they have the most entertaining and honest reactions to things, it's really refreshing. (After subway train scene, Random Kid: "THAT WAS THE BEST SCENE IN THE WHOLE MOVIE." XDDDD)

So yeah anyway the whole movie was serious in all the right places and funny and adorable in all the right places and I heart crane operators and cops and I am in love with Andrew Garfield ohmigod I will need to go see that movie again next weekend maybe.

...In other news Ben Wishaw as Richard II is Sassy Gay King Jesus, I am in love with Ovid, and Teen Wolf is dumb and adorable and totally charming, and kinda like watching Spiderman AGAIN only maybe slightly watered-down.
Tags: ben wishaw, better myths, cute as a sack full of puppies, fangirling, flailflailflail, geekery, i am superherosexual, love, movie, so many feeeeeels~, spiderman, spidey is my homeboy, television
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