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I loves me some tasty foods... but OH GOD SO TIRED.

Well, this was an interesting weekend. A fun kind of interesting, generally. BUT I DIDN'T DO MY TAXES. ARGH. ...Monday. Monday morning. I won't sleep until they are done, Zolac dammit.

Speaking of not sleeping... I basically didn't. Since waking up late Friday evening, I have had... maybe one hour of actual unconsciousness? Maybe?

I tried not to sleep to much or too late on Friday, since I wanted to be awake on Saturday afternoon. But... various things kept me awake until, like, 11 in the morning. I set my alarm for 5 p.m., intending to get not quite enough sleep, so I could sleep again at 3 a.m., so I could get a full eight hours before going to the 3rd Annual Wine & Cheese Tasting Festival at Barbur World Foods on Saturday afternoon. But my body said HAAAEELLL NO~! and I slept until, like, 9.

So I wasn't able to even try to sleep until 8:30 the next morning (after reading old Omg!Full Metal Alchemist threads for hours; I blame you, Clara meme), with my alarm set for 10:45 so I could be up, dressed, and fed in time to run a few errands before the festival. What occurred could be described as shut-eye, but absolutely was not sleeping by any definition, as I never became unconscious. FAIL.

...But then it was Saturday morning, and the sun was out and the sky was blue and everything was happy and beautiful and WARM, and I had wine and cheese to look forward to, and my brain was infected by Clara, so I decided to dress up all pretty: yellow, white, and brown tank top, pearls, blue button-down collared jacket, white and yellow flowery pleated skirt, white leggings, and my brown ballet-slipper flats. I looked sort of, English school girl, or something. I shoved some food in my mouth and made myself some tea (mango black tea, one spoonful of brown sugar, and milk is GOD... it's like, mango tea candy liquid in a cup oh man it's so sinfully delicious), then popped on my sunglasses (sunglasses, holy crap!) and played taxi driver for our various errands, including picking up Lauren.

Lauren, Dar, and I then walked over to Barbur World Foods. This is, btw, the coolest tiny grocery store EVER. They have the most amazing selection of local and imported produce, cheeses, beverages, and canned and dry goods, crazy stuff from all over the world; it's all really reasonable and the staff are super friendly. It has a fabulous Lebanese deli, and they have wine tasting every Friday and barbecue every weekend.

So they had a whole bunch of tables up in the aisle by the deli, and we sampled our way through every kind of honey (imported from Sicily and ye gods I've never tasted honey so flavorful), apples (these amazing gold apples of crisp sweet flavorful deliciousness that I've never had before), salami, pâté, fig and almond cake, date and walnut cake, and quince paste placed before us, and, of course, cheese and wine. Dar and I very swiftly broke our self-imposed cap on cheese purchasing, and we got a couple bottles of wine (one from each of the two groups of vintners/distributors there, a local Oregon Brut made by an adorable New Zealand vintner, and a Chardonnay from Argentina), and some of the apples, and a slice of fig/almond cake, and a jar of lemon blossom honey (ORGASMIC. SERIOUSLY.). As we left we picked up some of the barbecue out front: flank steak (marinated for four days then smoked for several hours, so tender it just falls apart) and baby back ribs (barbecued twice and ye gods they were tasty).

We got back to the apartment and opened all the windows, because yay, warm, and I quickly drove Lauren home to pick up her external hard drive, and drove back. By this time it was 5 p.m. She and Lisa watched The IT Crowd and played Spore, and I took another nap. This one was three hours, and I think I may have actually been unconscious for a little bit of that. Then I had to wake up and pick up Chris from the airport.

I brought Chris back to the apartment with me and we all enjoyed our tasty barbecue before she went home and passed out. Then we watched Once, which was as wonderful as I'd thought it would be, and The Happening, which was so much worse than I thought it would be. We had to scrub our minds with Yugioh!: The Abridged Series afterwards, to get the stench of epic SUCK out.

And now they are all asleep, and I am awake, because I have to be, and it's 5:30 on Sunday morning. ...I suppose I could go to bed nowish if I wanted, that wouldn't throw things off overly much. But I think first I'm going to check out Abridged Naruto, or whatever it's actually called, so I know what Little Kuriboh is always bitching about.

EDIT: I just slept for thirteen hours, WHOO!!
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