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Music memes!

I may at some point in the near future do a post with a real life update, but that is not what I'm doing tonight. Tonight I'm doing MORE MEMES, courtesy of apple_pathways.

1. The ABCs of Music Meme!

Open your iTunes (other weird holder of music) and press the corresponding letter into the song name (find a song you love, put it in the post) then the artist (find the band you love, put it in the post) and THERE YOU HAVE IT!

A is for "All Alright" by Fun. and AC/DC
B is for "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga and Band of Skulls
C is for "The Chimbley Sweep" by The Decemberists and Cee Lo Green
D is for "Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes" by Fall Out Boy and David Bowie
E is for "Everyday I Love You Less And Less" by Kaiser Chiefs and Eric Clapton
F is for "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield and Florence and the Machine
G is for "Going To A Town" by Rufus Wainwright and Gogol Bordello
H is for "House of the Rising Sun" by Animals and Hawksley Workman
I is for "I Will Possess Your Heart" by Death Cab For Cutie and Iron & Wine
J is for "Julien" by Placebo and Janis Joplin
K is for "Killian's Red" by Nada Surf and Keali‘i Reichel
L is for "Los Dos Laredos/Acordeones" by Jaime y Los Chamacos and Ludo
M is for "The Magic Position" by Patrick Wolf and Menomena
N is for "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)" by My Chemical Romance and Nancy Sinatra
O is for "‘Opae E" by Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole and OK Go
P is for "Pork and Beans" by Weezer and Patrick Stump
Q is for "Quiet As A Mouse" by Margot & The Nuclear So And So's and Queen
R is for "Rasputin" by Boney M and Rogue Traders
S is for "Skullcrusher Mountain" by Jonathan Coulton and Sufjan Stevens
T is for "Time Is On My Side" by The Rolling Stones and Tears For Fears
U is for "Ultimate Destiny" by Lemon Demon [No "U" artists... huh.]
V is for "Video Kid" by The Birthday Massacre and Vienna Teng
W is for "Wait So Long" by Trampled By Turtles and Wheels On Fire
X is for "Xibalba" by Clint Mansell [no "X" artists, either]
Y is for "You Pull Me Through Time" by Man Without Wax and Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Z is for "Ziggurat" by Peter Adams and The Zippers

2. Non-Denominational Music Player Survey

How many songs in total? 3364

Sort by Song Title; first and last?
First: "A-Train" by The Olliephonic Horns
Last: "1812 Overture" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Sort by Artist; first and last?
First: "The Chosen One" by A2 (oh god *facepalm*)
Last: "Southern Cross" by 403 (*double facepalm*)

Sort by Time:
Shortest: "One Last "Woo-hoo!" for the Pullman" by Sufjan Stevens (0:06)
Longest: "The Company of Friends" Doctor Who Big Finish Audio (2:33:39)

Sort by Album - first and last?
First: ABC by The Jackson 5
Last: 1967-1970 by The Beatles

Top Ten Played Songs:
1. "Angel" by Massive Attack
2. "Feeling Good" by Muse
3. "Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet" by Fall Out Boy
4. "One And Only (Feat Fall Out Boy)" by Timbaland
5. "I Am The Doctor" dubstep remix
6. "She" by Suede
7. "Gun" by Emiliana Torrini
8. "Cupid's Chokehold" by Gym Class Heroes
9. "Paradise Circus feat. Hope Sandoval" by Massive Attack
10. "Breathe Me" by Sia

Find "sex" - how many songs show up? 6
Find "death" - how many songs show up? 105 (okay, but like 85 of those are Death Cab For Cutie)
Find "love" - how many songs show up? 141

Okay, that was awesome, COME TALK TO ME ABOUT MUSIC. :D

More memes to come, but it is late and I am le tired.
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