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Lol, something hilarious happened at work today. The account we've been working on has been running down, so the past week or so we've been getting all the claims that were mailed past the March 6 postmark deadline, and a lot of them include "I'M SORRY IT'S LATE HERE'S MY EXCUSE PLEASE ACCEPT THIS ANYWAY!!" notes. So today Crystal gets my attention to show me this letter from this guy who's like, "I'm sorry it's late, my wife was experiencing digestive problems and she had to go into surgery, we've been kind of busy with that, please accept this anyway!"... including dated photographs of some doctor's gloved hand holding his wife's gallbladder. ...FREAKING GALLBLADDER. GORY PHOTGRAPHS OF. INCLUDED IN THE CLAIM FORM.

...BEST CLAIM EVER. My entire row had a good long laugh about that. The amusing post script is that the pictures were dated February 20, so his excuse isn't even valid.

So anyway. Yeah. That was funny.

...Oh, and the other hilarious thing that happened at work today was we all got laid off! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!! Oh yeah! Hilarious~!

Actually, in perfect seriousness, I don't even really care. I'm sure that will change if I don't get another job soon. Meanwhile, I have enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and lots of leisurely reading of old rp threads and logs, and lots of leisurely watching birds eat our birdseed on the porch... it's still fucking gorgeous out, sunny and warm and blue skies and flowers everywhere, so it's cool that I get to be diurnal again for a bit.

Now I'm going to leisurely call Adecco and tell them I need a job, and then leisurely do my taxes. EXCITING.
Tags: job, living in the land of port, lolwhut?, omg fullmetal alchemist, spring!
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