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Did I just dream the next season finale?

I just had the most vivid Suits dream. It felt like I was in an episode. And it was horribly distressing, OH GOD, ALL THE BAD THINGS HAPPENED. T_T

Okay so Mike messed up, he had to do something that he should've known how to do had he gone to law school, and he tried to fake it using his memory skills, but Louis and Rachel figured it out, just like that, revelation, HOLY SHIT, YOU DIDN'T GO TO LAW SCHOOL. And Louis' expression was a combination of shock and demonic glee, and Rachel looked all BETRAYED, and Harvey spent the entire episode off to the side looking grim and panicky (in the subtle Harvey Specter way, of course) and holding his head in his hands and trying to pull a plan together, trying to figure out what the hell to do to salvage the situation.

And Mike is just sitting there in one of the meeting rooms flipping out, like, oh god, oh god, my life is over, everyone's going to know, and flinching every time one of the other associates comes near him. Slowly it dawns on him, though, that all of the associates are in kind of a rowdy mood, no one's getting any work done and they're all dressed slightly ridiculous, like with tropical or cartoon-themed ties. And Mike is like, "Wtf is going on?" And one of the associates is like, "It's Family Day, we're having a party, the associates' family members are all invited, where's your family?" and Mike is like, "WAY TO RUB SALT IN THE WOUND. *SOB*"

And then shit gets kind of crazy, so on the one hand Mike's in luck because his Big Secret kind of gets sidelined because one of the associates goes nuts and starts KILLING PEOPLE. Like, he kills his mother and one other person before they shut him in a copy room. So that's fucked up. And then one of the associates' mothers starts chatting Mike up, and because Mike Ross is a fucking idiot he flirts right back, so, great, now Mike's getting with some dude's mother, AWESOME LIFE CHOICES, MIKE.

And it turns out Mike is awesome at both rowing and dancing (like, ballroom/partner dance style). So that's cool.

So that was my Suits dream. In other parts of my dreams, I was doing a hell of a lot of traveling. Spent some time on a train, and then I was on some huge string of airplane flights taking me from North Korea (???) to somewhere in Europe.
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