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My own personal internet

ANOTHER MEME, because that is what I'm into this week.

Stolen from apple_pathways again: Your Internet Life and YOU!

Type each letter of alphabet into the address bar of your main browser, and note which site pops up first. Leave off the naughty ones if you must, but give us a little hint as to what it was!

A Archive Of Our Own (Natch.)
B BetterMyths.Com (How do I love thee, Ovid? Let me count the ways. ♥_♥)
C cradle_song (Liz's LJ!)
D Dictionary.Com (Haha I'm such a nerd.)
E evilhippo (Carrie's LJ!)
F FanFiction.Net (Really? That's embarrassing. On my other browser it's Facebook, not sure which is worse.)
G gyzym (Jizzy's LJ! ..LJ MISSES YOU, JIZZ! T_T)
H [REDACTED] (My credit union.)
I IMDB (How would I live without this site, honestly.)
J The blog of Dr. John H. Watson (BBC Sherlock tie-in website; it's been a while.)
K kristen999 (Kristen's LJ!)
L lookalive (D's LJ!))
M Google Maps
N never0jealous (Looooolll, ancient roleplaying journal for OMG!Fullmetal Alchemist's Coordinator!Envy. WHAT'S UP, REN, YOU LOVEABLE DICKFACE?)
O omg_alchemist/omg_fma (OMG!Fullmetal Alchemist, ancient extinct rp, BEST GAME EVER, and the reason I'm on LiveJournal. ...So a few months ago I went back and reread a pile of old logs and threads, as I do from time to time. ^_^;;)
P platoapproved (Becca's LJ!)
Q queenklu (Klu's LJ!)
R Rooster Teeth (Red vs. Blue, bitches!)
S sirona_gs (Neve's LJ! LJ MISSES YOU, TOO! T_T)
T Twitter
U Urban Dictionary
V Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Status Page (Aww yiss~)
W Wikipedia (Again, don't think I could actually function without this site.)
X XKCD (♥♥♥)
Z My own Friends page (^_^)
Tags: i love the internet, internets, meme
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