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Last meme for a bit, I promise.

So those music memes were fun, but somehow not quite satisfying enough for me. I want more music. I want to talk about music. So I'm going to make my own meme for the purposes of musicvomiting all over everything. :D

My Music Top 20

Go to the music player of your choice, sort your songs by number of plays, select your Top 20 most-played songs (or whatever number you feel like, really) and talk about them– what do you love about the song, why does it get played so often, etc. Invite your friends to geek out with you in the comments!

1. "Angel" by Massive Attack - I have only Scary!Timmy to blame for this. This is what the inside of Timmy's head sounds like, so when I'm trying to get into his headspace to write or edit "I'll Be Yours (A Love Story)", I tend to play this song on repeat for extended periods of time. Also it's on my "Alone In My Darkroom Later"/extended Love Story writing playlist, so it gets some extra plays there, when I'm writing or when I'm just in that fucked-up sort of mood. (And godsdammit I need to get back to this story so bad. T_T) Also it's just a freaking excellent song. Beneath my cheerfulness and optimism I have a dark little soul, and this tends to show in my media preferences. This song is the sound of sick obsession, it's dark and creepy and a;sghaslkdhfkjsjf;ha;jfkls. ♥_♥

2. "Feeling Good" by Muse - An excellent and unique take on a classic, blasting out with drama and passion the way only Muse can. I'm really not sure which version I like better, Muse's or Nina Simone's. The main reason this song gets so many plays is because it's on my Luther soundtrack playlist. Because the soundtrack for that show, especially first season– ohmigod, flawless. I listen to it so so much. (Like, half of my top ten are Luther songs.) Often when I'm in a dark mood I'll switch between "Luther" and "Alone In My Darkroom Later" and just bask. This song is also on one of my "Blues Party" playlists, so I can use it to blow the minds of the older dancers. :D Also this song is just AWESOME so, yeah, it gets played a lot.

3. "Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet" by Fall Out Boy - My favorite Fall Out Boy song. Mostly because I am a fangirl of Patrick Stump and His Vocal Cords and this song is just a brutal, face-blasting exhibition of vocal prowess. JESUS CHRIST, PATRICK. It's an excellent example of his ridiculous range as well as evidence that he must be made entirely of lungs on the inside because GOD DAMN, just, the sheer power that pours out of his tiny little body, hnngh! ♥_♥ This song is on my "WHOO!" playlist for awesome rock songs. And the song is just badass. This is one of those obligatory turn-the-volume-up-sing-your-lungs-out-and-dance-like-no-one-is-looking songs. So much love.

4. "One And Only (Feat Fall Out Boy)" by Timbaland - I'm a little bit surprised that this song is so high up on the list, honestly. It's not that I don't love it, I do, I just didn't think I loved it quite this much. I must've been in a Mood sometime and just played it A LOT. Also I guess it's on a couple of playlists that I go to frequently, "Patrick and Friends" and "MOTHERFUCKING DANCE PARTY". And yeah, song is kind of awesome, largely for the strange novelty/guilty pleasure of hearing Patrick curse like a sailor. Like an angry sailor. Usually he's more of a "gee, gosh, golly" kind of guy. ♥ ...Also that little tantrum at the end of the song is kind of amazing.

5. "I Am the Doctor" dubstep remix - Ahahahahaha... I am kind of impressed that this song ranks so highly, since I've only had it since early July. Of course, once I stumbled upon it I pretty much played it on constant repeat for DAYS, so. That's probably why. ^_^;; I still play it frequently because AWESOME, and also it's on my oft-used "MOTHERFUCKING DANCE PARTY" playlist. ...I'd been meaning to acquire the original "I Am the Doctor" because that song is epic and awesome, but then my good friend drownedcities found this on Tumblr and emailed it to me, and just. INSTANT LOVE. It satisfies all my epic Moffat Doctor needs, plus awesome dubstep. ...I am turning into a person who loves dubstep now? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? But I think it really kind of fits here, I mean, listen to how they incorporated the TARDIS engines into the song, CLEARLY THE TARDIS INVENTED DUBSTEP. This explains so much.

6. "She" by Suede - O hai there Luther soundtrack! I... don't actually have a lot to say about this one that I haven't already said about the Luther soundtrack in general, just that this one gets me boogieing in my kitchen every time. Just... those drums, that driving beat, there's something poppy about it that makes me move in a very... 60s sort of way? Idek. ^_^;;

7. "Gun" by Emiliana Torrini - I would say that this is probably my favorite song on the Luther soundtrack, although "Feeling Good" has significantly more plays. I guess I have to be in a certain mood for this one? But this song, I just. God I love it so much. It's sung from the point of view of a gun, and it's fucked up and dark and gritty and morbid and sexy as fuck. It's got such amazing lyrics, especially the last two lines: "Hey look me in the barrel and tell me that you love me / Yes this is a kiss that I swear will blow your mind". Just. UGH. ...I've mentioned about my dark and twisty little soul?

8. "Cupid's Chokehold" by Gym Class Heroes - Oh my god, this song right here, I just love it so so much. It's cute and bouncy and charming and tongue-in-cheek and ironically self-aware (especially in conjunction with the video) and it's everything I love about Travie McCoy plus bonus awesome vocals from Patrick Stump. It gets a lot of play on my "Patrick and Friends" playlist, and it's one of those songs that I tend to cherry-pick from the rest of the playlist because it's JUST SO AWESOME. I have had the excellent good fortune to hear this song live twice as performed by Travie McCoy and Patrick Stump, within two weeks of each other. ♥

9. "Paradise Circus feat. Hope Sandoval" by Massive Attack - Luther soundtrack, blah blah. The opening credits song! Guh, I love it so much. Sandoval has this amazing smoky, sultry voice and the song is quietly percussive and makes me dance like I'm underwater.

10. "Breathe Me" by Sia - Blah blah Luther soundtrack, blah blah, AMAZING, blah blah. Sia has this amazing husky, throaty voice, and the music is quiet and moody at first and slowly swells with volume and drama... it's quite beautiful, and excellent mood music.

11. "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)" by My Chemical Romance - The fact that this song places so highly is impressive considering that at some point after acquiring the album version of the song I unchecked this one. I do remember playing it very intensely when I first acquired it, and I still play the album version often. This song is just. Face-blasting, foot-stomping, head-banging awesome. Another requisite turn-the-volume-up-scream-it-out-loud-and-dance-like-a-crazy-person song. So immensely, deeply satisfying. Also on the "WHOO!" playlist.

12. "Kiss My Sass" by Cobra Starship - My love for this song might have more to do with my obsession with Patrick Stump than my fondness for Cobra Starship. Patrick Stump and Gabe Saporta wrote it together, and when I went to see Patrick on his Truant Wave tour, he performed this song and I fell in love. I associate it very strongly with him. The song is on my "Patrick and Friends" playlist, and it is adorable and ridiculous and I love it.

13. "Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes" by Fall Out Boy - Another Fall Out Boy favorite, and a deeply satisfying sing-along song. Love how pretty Patrick's voice is there at the beginning, and then those pounding drums, and the way he holds those long, long notes.... ♥_♥ Also on the "WHOO!" playlist.

14. "We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe)" by Fun. - I'm kind of surprised and impressed that this song is so high up on the list, because again, I haven't had Fun. very long. But when they crossed my radar I guess I did become instantly obsessed. I think there were definitely a few weeks there where I listened to practically nothing else, and I still listen to them very often, I mean, I'm in a semi-permanent state of having Fun. stuck in my head always. And this is one of their best songs. ...It's funny, I was introduced to them maybe half a second before they took over the world, I'm still faintly surprised every time I hear this song on the radio. ...What do I even say about this song? What do I even say about any Fun. song? NATE RUESS YOU BREAK MY HEART INTO ITTY BITTY PIECES AND THEN SMOOSH IT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. TT_TT Love Janelle Monáe in this, too. Janelle Monáe is the shit.

15. "Battle for the Sun" by Placebo - Another "WHOO!" playlist standard. I've been a Placebo fan for years, I adore almost every one of their songs, but when this album came out this song instantly became one of my favorites. Definitely my favorite off the album. I just love the gritty sound, the driving, pulsing, relentless beat, the quiet ticking of the drumsticks against the rim, the grinding guitar, Brian's voice beating against you like an obsession. Also it occurred to me fairly quickly that this song is a flawless Jason Todd anthem. Like, every single lyric. Perfect. It's creepy.

16. "Wait So Long" by Trampled by Turtles - The song that made me go, "OH RIGHT. BLUEGRASS. FUCKING LOVE THAT SHIT." Jesse Hajicek, a writer/artist whom I adore, randomly threw the music video for this song up on his fan community, and I fell in love INSTANTLY. I never get tired of this song. I love the rest of the album as well, but this song in particular just blows everything out of the water. I CANNOT listen to it without bouncing around like a lunatic for the duration. I just. I love this band. They're all former punk rockers, and you can totally tell, the way they sound, they way they look when they play, I have never seen/heard anyone rock the shit out of a banjo or a fiddle the way these guys do. This song is on my oft-listened-to "Banjotastic!" and "Folkin' Around (No Really Brendon)" playlists.

17. "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by Nina Simone - This song makes it in my Top 20 entirely because it's on the Luther soundtrack, so it often gets played when the others do. I don't always play it, though... I have to be in a certain mood for this one. Idk, it's a great song, but I often prefer covers.

18. "West Coast Smoker" by Fall Out Boy - GUH. This. Just. Hnngh. Fucking Folie, seriously, every song on that album is magic. And this song, just, the driving beat, and it's so so satisfying to sing, those vocal-cord-tearing OH HELL YESes and just. EVERYTHING. FUCK I LOVE THIS SONG. Another "WHOO!" playlist song, another blast-it-loud-and-sing-it-like-you-won't-need-those-vocal-cords-ever-again song. Also one of the few songs where Pete Wentz's emo growly yelling doesn't make me want to punch him in the face.

19. "Rolling in the Deep" by ADELE - Hnnnnghh. This song. Just. Ugh. T_T I remember hearing it for the first time, tearing down the highway in my purple truck and it came on the radio and I was like DEAR SWEET JESUS WHAT FRESH PERFECTION IS THIS?? Again with that pounding, pulsing, driving beat, and Adele's peerless voice. This is one of those I simply cannot help but turn up to full volume and sing my lungs out to, dancing behind my seatbelt and trying not to veer into traffic, usually. The YouTube video got about a million plays before I decided to just buy the damn thing already. I eventually bought the rest of the album, and I adore all of her singles off of it, but this one is still my favorite. This is another one I put on one of my "Blues Party" playlists for the purposes of blowing the minds of the older generations.

20. "99 Problems" by Hugo - UGH YES. Another obligatory turn-the-volume-up-as-loud-as-possible song. I love playing it with Oliver's awesome sound system, turning it up until the bass makes the rearview mirrors go blurry. This song is just... so deeply, deeply satisfying. I fucking cheered in the theater after "Fright Night" when it kicked in with the credits. One of my favorite songs on my "Banjotastic!" playlist. ...If you weren't aware, the effective use of banjo is a deep, deep weakness of mine.

21. "Patrick Stump A Capella Grammy Medley" by Patrick Stump - Bonus 21st song, since it has the same number of plays as "99 Problems". So this is that song where Patrick tries to do an homage to the Grammy nominees and ends up outsinging every single one of them. Bless~. This song is even more awesome in conjunction with the video. Just. Watching Patrick contort himself into a pretzel, squeezing every single drop of music out of his pinky toes. ♥ This is another one of those where he swears and it makes me giggle. And he's so deliciously growly and sneery about it, too. One of my favorites off of the "Patrick and Friends" playlist.

...I could really go on. And on. And on. I mean, originally I planned to do my Top 50, but I think I'd better stop.

It's an interesting collection. A lot of my favorite songs/bands don't make the cut, but... there are songs that I LOVE, but aren't the kind of songs that I will play endlessly on repeat. Like, once every now and then is enough. These are the obsession songs. (A lot of them sound like obsession? Like, that driving, pulsing beat really hooks me, it's entrancing.) Also, all of them are on playlists that I like a lot, so that gets them a lot of repeat plays.

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