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I'm back!

I have returned from Eastern Europe! I'm not going to go into massive detail in this post, because that would take FOREVER, but as soon as possible I will do a gigantic photo dump. ...As soon as possible is not likely to be as soon as I'd like, because to my disappointment the house is exactly as messy as I left it, and I have broken things to replace and groceries to buy and laundry to run and fifty billion emails to check and assorted other chores and errands. ...This weekend will not be long enough. *SIGH* ...Also I have a lot of television to catch up on. (But at least I'm all caught up on Doctor Who, because with me and Mom and sirona_gs all in the same place for several days, there was no way that was not happening. ...POOOOOOOOOOOONDS!!!! T_T)

...But I will say that I had a FUCKING FABULOUS TIME. Croatia is bloody gorgeous and everyone there is incredibly friendly, and we had a great group and had massive fun hiking and biking and kayaking and canoeing all over Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, and I ate SO MUCH FOOD, ohmigod, the food was so amazing, usually we were eating at the private homes of farmers and everything was homegrown, homemade, and fresh, and the wine, oh my bloody goodness, and the weather was always perfect and the lakes and waterfalls through the karst were like a bleeding fairytale and sunsets in the Adriatic were like a dream and oh my god oh my god.

Also Dubrovnik (besides just being ancient and beautiful and bloody fantastic, walled cities, I mean seriously) is one of the filming sites for Game of Thrones and I saw some of the filming really far away and then after, when Mom and I were at dinner at this absolutely amazing vegetarian restaurant, JEROME FLYNN and FINN JONES and some guy we didn't recognize (new actor for season three? bit part? crew member?) stopped by and tried to get a table. We hemmed and hawed about going over to them but decided not to bother them, and rather than wait thirty minutes they wandered off to find another restaurant. But for a few minutes Mom and I were like A;SHDKL;GHFASKLJDHF;KLADJSFL;AHS;AKFJD. (If Peter Dinklage had been there, there would've been no stopping me.)

...And Bulgaria was fantastic and sirona_gs is even lovelier in person and her Gran is fabulous and I got to meet up with my friend Toni as well and EVERYTHING WAS FANTASTIC, okay, it was a bloody excellent trip.

Even if I did leave half my ankh in the Rila Mountains. We were just taking a walk throught he autumn leaves and it just BROKE in HALF, wtf. I've always dreaded losing it; I wasn't expecting it to BREAK. So now... I don't have my ankh anymore. D: HOW WILL PEOPLE RECOGNIZE ME?? I seriously feel like I've lost a limb. ...So it goes, I guess.

Those of you who requested postcards should be getting them soon; some of you have already got them, I know. ...potatoe1988, do let me know if yours fails to arrive? I'm a bit nervous about whether the lady at the post office in Trogir gave me the right amount of postage for Australia. *gnaws on fingernails*

...HI HI HOW ARE ALL OF YOUUUUU? ♥ What did I miss?
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