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Next on to-do list: ordering a unitard online

Still haven't organized my vacation pictures, but have a meme! Stolen from shichahn.

I have a list of 15 characters. Please propose scenarios in the style of: "1 and 5 bake bread together. Does the kitchen survive?"


"3, 7, and 9 wake up married. Does the universe survive? What does 10 think?"

In case you're curious, I've chosen my characters from the following: Cowboy Bebop, Dollhouse, Hawaii Five-0, Firefly, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Red vs. Blue, Supernatural, Teen Titans (animated series), Top Gear, and White Collar.
Tags: cowboy bebop, dollhouse, firefly, for the lulz, h50, marvel, meme, red vs blue, supernatural, teen titans, the avengers, top gear, white collar
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