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Parades? Fireworks? Nude foot-races?

...How will you celebrate National Angela Day?

I plan to go to Todai Seafood Buffet and get my free dinner, and drag all my friends with me. Continuing festivities later this week will include a tasty fruit-tart, a trip to the zoo, and possibly a picnic under the blooming cherry trees and/or a movie at one of those theaters where you can eat dinner while you watch.

Fun Angela Day fact: I am now the same age as Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop canon. ...Yes, that's right, I'm 77.

I hope this day is full of joy, fun, and fantasticness for everyone!

The 23rd Annual National Angela Day Celebration is sponsored by the Hostilistan Tribunal, the Temple of the Flaming Cauldron of Doom, The Starfish, Fruity Oaty Bar, Black Cherry Jell-o, and Viewers Like You.
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