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Anyone here a "Kings" fan?

I had the MOST AMAZING CONVERSATION with the fabulous platoapproved about how it's actually an Avengers AU. I know you're probably thinking, Sebastian Stan --> Bucky but DON'T LET THAT DISTRACT YOU.

platoapproved: just imagine it is a slightly odd au
platoapproved: with jack as tony

zolac_no_miko: omg david is steve

platoapproved: and david as steve
platoapproved: what with the blond wholesome soldier

zolac_no_miko: jesus christ ohmigod

platoapproved: remember that time jack had an alcohol problem and daddy issues that could fill an aircraft carrier
platoapproved: remember that time jack had kidnapping angst

zolac_no_miko: hahahhahahaha oh god

platoapproved: remember that time jack felt insecure because he didn't think he matched up to david who his father seemed to prefer
platoapproved: /I COULD GO ON/

zolac_no_miko: OH MY GOD

platoapproved: IT'S UNCANNY
platoapproved: anyway so that should have you giggling when that time comes

zolac_no_miko: the rewatch is going to be SO INTERESTING

platoapproved: I do admit jack is more like tony than david is like steve
platoapproved: they have some things in common but david's a lot more self-confident and all
platoapproved: he's more comics!steve than movie!steve

zolac_no_miko: idk i think movie!steve has a fair amount of confidence
zolac_no_miko: he just puts on his DETERMINED face and stomps through everything

platoapproved: yeah, I mean more ~romantically

zolac_no_miko: ahahaha ok well yes that

platoapproved: he's more AUGH PEGGY WHAT DO

zolac_no_miko: his determined face fails him there
zolac_no_miko: XD

platoapproved: anyway
platoapproved: it's good fun
platoapproved: there's a bit a few eps in where Jack is ~sneaking around an enemy camp and then pitches an apocalyptic fit because he sees weapons from his country (manufactured by his uncle, who is the ~Obie equivalent) being used by the enemy
platoapproved: and then I laughed so hard I may have permanently injured myself

Tags: cannot unsee, i love my awesome friends, kings, the avengers
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