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I love fic memes.

The post 21 first lines from the last 21 fics you posted meme is going around like the flu in February, so... here's mine!

1. My mom and dad don't love me.

2. It was early days, yet.

3. When the question of God and the afterlife came up– I think that people make stuff up to make themselves feel better, he'd said.

4. Since Tony Stark had been captured by the Ten Rings and had come back with metal in his chest and a fire in his eyes, Pepper had become well acquainted with fear.

5. “Is it just me or do those birds not make any sense?” Danny slurred, squinting upward at the black sheet of night sky through the branches of shower trees and coconut palms twinkling with colored lights– Honolulu in December.

6. There is no one on Earth – or anywhere else, for that matter – whose physiology he is more intimately familiar with than Superman's.

7. At some point Danny must have changed his mind because here he was, shoulder to shoulder with Steve with only the smell of grease between them.

8. She doesn't understand.

9. “Whoooaa, Matt, look at that!”

10. Rooftop.

11. Bruce Wayne had plans.

12. I catch myself staring up at the clouds, squinting, straining to see.

13. It was the Joker who said it first.

14. "I already have a father.”

15. Kevin sat at the bar, nervously fiddling with the straw in his drink.

16. Alexander zoomed through the darkness, streetlights and highway signs flashing by overhead... route 35, Duluth...

17. Zander woke suddenly, with a gasp.

18. “Dinner’s almost ready."

19. Dear Kevin’s Brain-Log, Everything would be so much less complicated if Star was as much of a jerkface as he used to be.

20. My Dearest Brother, Many extraordinary occurrences have I detailed to you in these letters as I continue on my voyage of discovery in this Arctic wilderness, yet I assure you none so strange as these that I am about to describe to you.

21. It was madness, utter chaos.

...Wow, I am... really not very prolific. Number 21 was written in 2008.

Most of these aren't that great, imo. I like the beginnings of a lot of my stories, but it usually takes me two or three sentences to make an impact.
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