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Again so soon?

The evidence suggests that life must be ~SWELL~, because I'm feeling very chatty lately. Let's make this one a list to keep things organized.

-Last time I briefly mentioned training for a 10k run? Did that on Saturday. It was GRUELING. You gain 1200 ft/370 m in the first 3 mi/5 km, peaking at 3665 ft/1117 m. And then you lose all that elevation again, mostly in the next 2 mi/3 km. I definitely walked about half of the uphill section, which I don't feel too bad about, because most of the field did. Luckily, downhill running has always been my strength; I have excellent footing and I'm batshit insane, so I went careening down the steep, loose-rubble mountainside at a full sprint for two miles. Passed several people that way. It should also be noted that the race was a bit like that Cruisin' Safari arcade game, where the animals wander across the road and you hit them with your car and they burst into meaty chunks? We had sheep, cattle, and endangered geese cutting across our path, and at one point faced off with a frightened and VERY LARGE draft horse that had ended up on the wrong side of the fence and GALLOPED UP AND DOWN OUR TRAIL as we came running down it. It was very exciting. My enjoyment of the race was vastly improved by my motivation technique of secretly LARPing Captain America; I kept my Twitter feed well entertained with stuff like, "Right ok channeling Cap, RAAAH BEATING UP 10 GUYS IN AN ELEVATOR, RAAAH BRINGING FISTS TO A KNIFE FIGHT, MY BARBERSHOP QUARTET IS DEAD RAAAH"; "OK, motivation, Bucky's unit is captured 30 miles behind enemy lines, I have to get there quickly & rescue them & not get shot by Nazis #yes"; "EAT DUST, NAZI GEESE"; "BUCKY'S STILL ALIVE AND I PUNCHED RED SKULL IN THE FACE, SCORE ONE FOR THE ALLIES"; and "YOU'RE WELCOME OCCUPIED FRANCE." Also it turns out proclaiming "I'M COMING BUCKY!" and "FUCK YOU NAZIS!" under your breath is excellent motivation. In retrospect, though, I should've worn my Batman shirt because this one guy ran in a Superman shirt and I TOTALLY KICKED HIS ASS. ...I kicked a lot of ass, actually, like, way more than I expected to. Finished in 1:01:57, 26th out of 77 overall, 7th of the ladies (!), and 1st place for ladies aged 20-29 (!!). So basically the whole event was awesome and totally worth the incredible muscle soreness and shin splints I've been suffering ever since (it's starting to go away, finally).

-After the race I finished assembling my awesome 1940s genderbent Captain America costume, which took HOURS because my hair is HORRIBLE AND HATES ME. I did eventually beat it into submission, and it was totally worth it. BAM:
(Also it turns out that in victory rolls and red lacy underwear I look like a 1940s pin-up girl, but I'm not sharing those pictures. Unless you ask really nicely.)

-Also, all day and all night Saturday, we had thunder and lightning happening. Thor was in a Mood, let me tell you. Check it out, the Canada-France-Hawai‘i Telescope's Cloudcam captured it in a SUPERCOOL timelapse video. The yellow glow is my town!

-I mostly failed at getting anything useful done whatsoever on Monday, because that was day one of the Hawai‘i state legislature's special session to consider passing a same-sex marriage bill, and I got totally distracted watching a livestream of the public testimony to the special senate committee. This bill is going to pass, guys, probably within the week, there could be marriage equality in the State of Hawai‘i before the end of November! I am so happy and so proud, and I wish my grandfather could be here to see it (he tried to get it passed in the '90s), and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED. UA MAU KE EA O KA ‘ĀINA I KA PONO, BITCHES~! :DDDD

-Forrest continues to be my new favorite person. We'd made plans for crèpes and Agents of SHIELD at his place today, but I remembered this morning that there wouldn't be a new episode, so we planned instead for crèpes at his place and a movie outing. Our afternoon went like so. Got out of lab two hours early, raided that one papaya tree on the edge of campus by our building, decided to raid the Hilo Arboretum for more free fruit (Forrest doesn't buy fruit; he forages). Stopped off at his place to trade backpacks for shopping bags; he introduced me to his miracle berry plant. This is that berry that temporarily fucks with your tastebuds so that sour things taste sweet? We tried it out on one of his liliko‘i and OH MY GOD IT'S SO AMAZING, IT IS THE WEIRDEST MOST AWESOME THING. :D The Arboretum had just closed, unfortunately, so instead we hopped in his Jeep and drove up Kaiwiki to raid some roadside avocado and waiawi. He climbed straight to the top of the avocado in about five seconds like the monkey he is, and lowered down bags and bags of cannonball-sized fruit. He gave me half. I HAVE AN ENTIRE SHOPPING BAG FULL. So, I'm going to have to make a lot of guacamole I guess. TERRIBLE. We still had daylight to burn, so we drove to King's Landing and sat on the rocks and smashed beach almonds to eat and talked about birds and watched the silhouette of Mauna Kea go all GLORIOUS in the late, golden sun. Then we went back to his place, and I lounged around uselessly while he made perfect delicious crèpes for me and his housemates. Then we went to the movie, and I successfully managed to pay for both of us this time. He wanted to buy my ticket again! After making me dinner! But I was too fast for him. We saw Captain Phillips, which ALL OF YOU SHOULD GO SEE, I AM SERIOUS, BEST MOVIE I'VE SEEN IN A LONG WHILE, IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD OH MY GOD. ...No but seriously I adore him, he is like the way cooler, alternate universe version of me. Like, a month and a half into our relationship we made a solemn vow to go skydiving together when we graduate, a vow which we reaffirmed on the drive back from King's Landing. (Me: "Why don't other people want to jump out of airplanes?!" Him: "I DON'T KNOW!!") Also, I introduced him to both Sherlock and Welcome to Night Vale, both of which he devoured like a starved thing. I am so fucking proud of myself.

...So, life's been pretty excellent! :D
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