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So it's been a long time since I've posted to LJ.

I would like to preface this post by letting you all know that I am very drunk.

Things that have happened to me recently....

So after I lost my job I enjoyed a two-week vacation, during which I celebrated my birthday. This involved going to the zoo, which was hella fun, especially the lorikeets. You can buy apple juice and then the lorikeets sit on you and drink the apple juice and they're soooo cute especially when they lick your fingers with their little feather tongues, but less so when they pee all over you. Oh well, it's more or less just water, so I didn't mind to much. BUT IT WAS WARM. Also we learned lots of interesting things about elephants, like how big their dongs are, and how awkward it is when baby elephants eat poo.

ANYWAY. We also had tasty Japanese buffet at Todai, and we had a big barbecue dinner and Dar made the most awesome tart in all of existence, with mango and pineapple mouse, and lots of coconut and strawberries and mango and macadamia nuts. It was GORGEOUS I really need to upload the pictures sometime.

And then I was still unemployed so we took a weekend drive to central Oregon and collected obsidian at Glass Butte and failed at watching owls fly out of a rock and failed at taking a hike and played in the snow instead and more or less failed at going caving. But we drove around in the desert a lot and it was a lot of fun.

Immediately after I got back from our cowboy adventure I drove to Eugene with Chris. We spent all of one day hanging out, walking around on the river and eating at a tasty tasty bakery, but I got hired so we didn't get to stay. I've been hired by Epiq again, in the call center this time. Mostly I sit around and pretend like I'm not reading, but sometimes I have to answer the phone and answer the questions of really worried people involved in class action lawsuits and bankruptcies and stuff. It's pretty chill, I kind of like it. I'm bummed that this happened just before I got called to be an extra on Leverage, but oh well. A job's a job, and this pays slightly better. Anyway because I'm awesome after like two days they put me on the multi-case team, which means they'll keep giving me new cases, instead of letting me go like they did to some of the other people I got hired with, since call volumes have been pretty low. Also we just started the Chrysler bankruptcy case, have you heard about that? Yeah we're administrating that, it's hardcore.

So yeah, that's what's been going on. I've been pretty uncommunicative, sorry about that. I owe some of you some phone calls. Work has been crazy, and I've been in social hibernation. I still love you guys, promise.

I did go to see the L movie. In costume. ...It was pretty awful, but the guy who plays L is still my fucking hero. Also we've been marathoning The Mighty Boosh BEST SHOW EVER YOU GUYS!!! Holy crap we're so addicted. And we're all madly in love with Noel Fielding, tho I want credit for thinking he was hot when he was Richmond on the IT Crowd.

Ummmm and today me and Dar went shopping, we both bought custom-made leather cuffs at Saturday Market, and we had dim sum for lunch in China Town, and we went to Buffalo Exchange and I bought jeans cuz oh wow I need some and also scary pleather pants for costume purposes. And then Dar suggested that we go and have a drink. So we wandered around until we found this bar called Dante's and dar had two PBRs and something like three tequila shots... I think? And I had a pint of some IPA I forget the name of, and a raspberry vodka shot, and a shot of some sort of Scotch whiskey blend. And there was live music and this Native American lady named Lily was real friendly, and I woulda thought she was hitting on me except she's someone's grandma, so I think she was just being a friendly drunk. And Dar threw up because she has a weak stomach HAHAHAHAHHA. And then we went to Voodoo Doughnuts, which is this freaking awesome donut shop that's open 21 hours a day, and they have crazy donuts like Captain Crunch, Nyquil, and Maple Bacon, and we bought some donuts. And then this pedal-cab dude was out front and said he'd take us a few blocks if we gave him a donut, so we did and it was AWESOME. Then we managed to catch a real cab and came home.

Dar's passed out now, and I ate most of my awesome peanut butter and chocolate fritter donut, and I decided to post to LJ cuz I wanted to wait to go to sleep until the water and alcohol had gone through my system some. And also I have new icons you should check them out they're fucking awesome.

...And this is the end of my drunken ramble BYE GUYS I LOVE YOU!!!
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