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This is me spamming your flists

So we're conscious and sober again. Dar would like to say in her defense that the skittles she's on do not mix well with alcohol, which makes a lot of sense... seriously, she did not drink enough to be that sick. But I'm still laughing at her.

...I'm wearing my new pants! :DDDD

The main reason for this post is a plea for help. Yes, flist, I am in dire need of your assistance; only you can save me. ...You see, if you read my drunken ramble, you are aware that I have a new job, and that my new job involves a lot of sitting around and pretending not to read while I wait for phone calls from worried people concerning the legal notices they received in the mail. The phone calls are few and far between, so I've already, in the space of two weeks, gone through a small pile of novels. Soon I will be out of appropriate books to read, and I shall have to borrow from friends/buy cheap from Powell's/get a library card.

As for what you can do to help... RECOMMEND ME BOOKS TO READ! The universe is entirely too full of fantastic books that I need to read but haven't, and I find myself dizzied by the possibilities. So, I leave my future in your hands. Comment with a recommendation, and if I can get my hands on a copy, I will read it. Even if I've read it already. The one restricting factor is I need smallish, paperback type books, of the sort I can hide in my lap and shove quickly into a drawer, as technically we're not allowed to read while on the job. I don't care how thick they are, so long as they're not very long or wide.

So there you go. This is your chance to influence my decisions, and even, possibly, affect the way I think, since a good book can have that sort of alchemical, transmutative influence on the mind. Come on guys, I know you can't resist.
Tags: book recs, job
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