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Three Good Happenings Meme: Day 1

mithen tagged me to do this meme, and even though I'm still in the middle of another meme I figure no time like the present. My LiveJournal has been much less journal-y lately so this is a good excuse to get back to that. Plus, positivity, yay!

Rules are: for five consecutive days post three positive things that have happened, plus tag three other people to do the same, so the positivity keeps growing.

I'm going to be in Hakalau for the next three days with no internet, so I'll be ruining the consecutive thing right off the bat. I'll either make one post to cover all three days, or just skip a couple days and have Sunday be my Day 2.

Tagging cattraine, burned_phoenix, and hardboiledbaby. Like Mithen, I figure if five consecutive days is tough for you, I'd rather get five non-consecutive good things than nothing at all, so go for it!

THING ONE. Well this was last night but it's within 24 hours so screw it, also I DO WHAT I WANT. Had date night with the boy, yes that boy, still the same boy since A YEAR AGO this is so weird for me, anyway we had dinner and went to see Jersey Boys, which was a nice enough date in and of itself, but then we went to Honoli‘i (the local surf spot) and made a driftwood fire on the black sand beach and sat on a towel and drank red wine from champagne flutes and watched the light of the waning moon glitter on the waves and shared stories about our youth and it was loooooooverly.

THING TWO. I really enjoyed class today! I mean, I enjoy class every day, I picked this landscape ecology class entirely because I adore the professor, JP, who is always entertaining. And the subject material has been interesting, but this is the first time it's approached the OMG COOL levels I routinely felt in JP's biodiversity class last semester. I feel like I'm really learning stuff, in a personal discovery, "Wow that's so amazing, THIS PLANET IS SO AMAZING~!" kind of way. Also, the boy is taking this class with me, and he hasn't had JP before, and he commented afterward how much he's enjoying the prof and the class, and I just kind of felt delighted that I was able to share this with him, like, YAY NOW YOU CAN BE IN ACADEMIC LOVE WITH JP ALSO, YAAAAAAY~!

THING THREE. After class I went to the lunch shop that I am in a romantic relationship with, Sweet Cane Café. I got fresh-pressed cane juice with ginger and their roasted veggie sandwich, both of which are SO DELICIOUS and also fresh and good for you and I just wanted to curl around my order and cuddle it my GOSH it was tasty. ♥_♥

So that's three things for today. :)
Tags: grad school, hometown hilo, island life, meme, my best guy forrest, positivity
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