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Three Good Happenings Meme: Day 3

I continue to be terrible about this consecutive days thing but eh, this is still a pretty impressive posting schedule for me. ...TMI warning, it's day one of what I like to call my Time of Power, and my uterus is trying to escape, so it's harder than usual to be positive, but I am committed to this meme, so I'm going to be positive WHETHER MY UTERUS LIKES IT OR NOT.

THING ONE! I had breakfast in bed with my boyfriend, then I went to class with my boyfriend, then I had lunch with my boyfriend, then I went shopping for a birthday present for my boyfriend. (His birthday is on Monday.) ...I like my boyfriend. :)

THING TWO! Had to lead a discussion with my fellow grad students about our assigned reading, and I felt good about it! Filled the allotted time, encouraged discussion, underlined the important points, didn't feel nervous. Yay! :D

THING THREE! In deference to my fragile state and to the amount of things I've gotten done already today, I'm giving myself the rest of the evening lying flat on my back on my comfy couch with a bottle of Angry Orchard and episode three of The Roosevelts.
Tags: grad school, island life, meme, my best guy forrest, positivity
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