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Gotham: not actually a 100% cishet whiteguy fest! ...Huzzah!

Minor spoilers for like the first three episodes of Gotham, no real plot spoilers.

I've started watching Gotham and... I like it! A lot! It's well-cast, well-acted, and they've done an exquisite job with the most important character: Gotham City herself. She's so beautiful. T_T They've done a great job developing interesting characters; Oswald Cobblepot, Fish Mooney, and tiny!Bruce Wayne are all especially compelling. Also looking at IMDB I apparently have MORENA BACCARIN to look forward to. MORENA BACCARIN PLAYING A CANON CHARACTER WHOM I LOVE. ♥_♥

So far my biggest gripes are I don't like their interpretation of Alfred Pennyworth, and I am confused as to why they thought they needed to change Pamela Isley's name.

Little Girl: "My name's Ivy."
Me: "NO IT ISN'T. >:("

(I have a lot of opinions about Bat-Things.)

I'm also really pleased to find that the main cast is a great deal more diverse than the trailers had led us to believe. I mean, sure, it's still a cishet whiteguy protagonist (although there is no universe you will ever hear me seriously complaining about a Jim Gordon-centric storyline, even if he's missing a mustache, WHERE IS YOUR MUSTACHE JIM), but along with the usual assortment of cishet whiteguys in the main cast, there is also:

-Selina Kyle (canon character), adorable 13-year-old girl

-Fish Mooney (new character), middle-aged black woman, mobster, Carmine Falcone's second-in-command with ambitions of ruling the entire city, very compelling character played by yes, hello, JADA PINKETT SMITH

-Sarah Essen (new character), Latina, Jim's badass boss

-Renee Montoya (canon character), canonically gay Latina (Dominican-American), Major Crimes Unit detective, one of DC's most compelling characters, and hey THEY DID NOT SWEEP THE GAY UNDER A RUG THANK FUCK

-Crispus Allen (new character), black man, Major Crimes Unit detective, Renee's partner

-Barbara Kean (canon character), bisexual woman (in this show, not in the comics), Jim Gordon's fiancée, has romantic history with Renee, also clearly the breadwinner in the Gordon-Kean relationship, MAN I REALLY HOPE THE WRITERS DON'T FUCK THIS UP, TELEVISION IS HISTORICALLY TERRIBLE AT BISEXUAL PEOPLE (notable exception: Grey's Anatomy)

...So anyway, yes, I'm looking forward to what Gotham has to show me. I can only assume that in the season finale Jim will be bitten by a radioactive mustache and gain the superhuman strength he needs to rescue Gotham City from corruption.
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