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Hasty post of awesome.

So I don't really have time for posting to my LJ, but if I don't do it now, I won't.

...This has been the week of "So I don't really have time for this, but if I don't do it now, I won't." Holy crap.


But first, there was Margot.

So the Margot concert was FREAKING FANTASTIC. I got home from work on Friday and was all ready to put on a peasanty shirt and some jeans, but everyone was like, "WEAR THE PLEATHER PANTS, ANGE. DO IT." So I did. Because I cave easily to peer pressure. I also wore my sleeveless skintight white collared shirt that always looks sexy, and my black tie, and my black leather cuff, and black eyeliner, and yeah in general I looked hot. So then Dar and I drove over to the Doug Fir Lounge, which is a supremely awesome venue. We ordered some tequila sunrises and sat down to wait.

So then this dude comes over to where we and the other early birds are sitting, and they're making a documentary of Margot for their next album, and they wanted to do voice overs of the fans. So Dar and I go out into the garage with him and camera dude and hang out by the cars looking like a sketchy drug deal, and they ask us questions like what's your greatest fear in life, what inspires you, what animal would you like to be, what's your best memory, what would you like to tell your lover but can't, etc, and record us as we answer as truthfully as possible. Then they record us as we read a paragraph from this really weird short story they wrote which has something to do with a spaceship. So we got to meet the lead singer and Awesome Percussionist Dude, and we might be in the documentary, which would be SO AWESOME.

When we get back the first opening band has already started. We eventually discovered they are Everything, Now, and they rock SO HARDCORE. The band is composed of groovy dudes from Indianapolis who are old friends of Margot, and they all have crazy awesome beards and a couple of them are barefoot and they're obviously having a good time and the keyboardist/tambourinist is having musical convulsions. AND THEY FED US STEW. They put a crockpot of this delicious lentil and brown rice stew on the front of the stage with some bowls and let the audience help themselves. Dar and I drank ours out of a cup. And their music is amazing and we love them lots.

The next band was Telekinesis from Seattle. They had a good sound, but less stage presence. The drummer is the lead singer, which is kind of cool, and we had fun talking to them between songs. They were talking about how all their friends are moving to Portland, and what's so awesome about Portland, and one of the guitarists was like, "This might be really geeky, but there's really awesome sturgeon fishing here," which is totally true, so then I yelled out "STURGEONS ARE BADASS!", which is also true, and the lead singer was like, "Who said that? You are totally awesome!" Later Dar and I explained to them how Portland is the Land of Port.

And then, Margot. OH MY GOD. Everything I'd hoped for and more. It's just so fun to see them live, with all of them crowding the stage and playing all sorts of crazy instruments (i.e. sheet metal, a suitcase, something that looks like an electric sitar that makes crazy whooshy noises). Percussionist Dude had the most amazing eye makeup, and he was always rocking out and having fun. I think I'm kind of in love with Erik, who is tiny and Asian and adorable, and plays the electric whooshy machine and the violin. When Percussionist Dude was getting us to scream as loud as possible, Erik told me he was impressed with my pipes. Anyway, they ROCKED, and we had so much fun jumping up and down and screaming and singing along.

After the concert we hung around for a while, because Dar had managed to befriend Eric, the adorable bassist from Everything, Now, and invited him and the rest of the band to CRASH ON OUR FLOOR. So we waited for them to pack up, and hung out backstage and chatted with Erik and Margot Lead Singer Dude (who thanked us for our help with the documentary), and then while Dar and Eric got the car I hung out and chatted with... the guy who plays trumpet for Margot, his name begins with an H? So he was wearing this awesome vintage stripey tie that's older than he is, and he abruptly traded ties with me. And we hung out and chatted until we had to leave, and we traded back.

So then I jumped into the van with Everything, Now and we followed Dar, who is fail and got us spectacularly lost. XP~ But eventually we got to our apartment and they all crashed out on our floor, and then we woke up early and Dar made them waffles with tasty berry-mango sauce, and burned Menomena for Eric, and Eric played us a really pretty song on his awesome guitar, and then they had to get back on the road to go to San Francisco. And they were all super nice and sweet, and we love them.

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